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  1. Happy Birthday HostLinda!

  2. Happy Anniversary HostLinda!

  3. Happy Birthday HostLinda!

  4. Happy Anniversary HostLinda!

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  6. Happy Anniversary HostLinda!

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  8. Happy Birthday hostlinda!

  9. HostLinda

    When i found out i had had my stroke, i picked up the phone on my bedside, and all I could say was"Help" to my roommates. Now to mention it, I dont know how I managed to know the phone # to make the call, but it did work. My speech has improved so much now almost 4 years later. So there is HOPE. And lots of encouragement right here anytime you need it. hostlinda
  10. HostLinda

    Congratulations Fred! I want to echo everyone else in saying that you are an inspiration to us all. hostlinda
  11. Happy, Happy Birthday HostLINDA!


  12. Happy Birthday hostlinda!

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    For me it was several things. My speech/language issues along with aphasia is a BIGGIE. Then having the seizures which i decided not to drive anymore and let my roommates do the driving. I miss not driving my own Camry. And, I miss not working. hostlinda
  15. Happy Anniversary hostlinda!