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  1. Happy Anniversary HostLinda!

  2. Happy Anniversary HostLinda!

  3. Happy Anniversary HostLinda!

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    When i found out i had had my stroke, i picked up the phone on my bedside, and all I could say was"Help" to my roommates. Now to mention it, I dont know how I managed to know the phone # to make the call, but it did work. My speech has improved so much now almost 4 years later. So there is HOPE. And lots of encouragement right here anytime you need it. hostlinda
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    Congratulations Fred! I want to echo everyone else in saying that you are an inspiration to us all. hostlinda
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    My Kids

    From the album: Linda's Album

    a picture of my children...Kathy, Robert, and myself pre-stroke ..... not positive about the date approx 2007?
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    For me it was several things. My speech/language issues along with aphasia is a BIGGIE. Then having the seizures which i decided not to drive anymore and let my roommates do the driving. I miss not driving my own Camry. And, I miss not working. hostlinda
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    pictures of our pets
  10. Gary, Great post! In a couple of months it will time to celebrate my 2 yr anniversary when stroke hit my life. I appreciate being able to log in and have the support & information that StrokeNet provides everyone. We get to help each other along the way of recovery. hostlinda
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    Kelli, My stroke happened back in June 08. Most of the list the you have compiled here I would have to agree with you on. Some of the these things have gotten better, some haven't. I have just decided its what I have to deal with now post stroke. It's not great, but it's still ok. hostlinda
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    Hi, I had my stroke back in June 08. The immediate affect was speech and language difficulties. I was able to go to speech therapy for about 6 months, 2 or 3 times a week. I moved to West Virginia in late Nov 08. By the time I moved, my speech ability was alot better. Not perfect. But alot better. I still suffer from aphasia. I know I have more issues when I am trying to have a conversation on the phone. I also have more issues when I am tired. It seems sometimes it is easier to put my thoughts together on the computer than it is to say things outloud. hostlinda
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    MaryJo, I am so excited for both of you! It will be great to have him home. We are all supporting you! :forgive_me?: :hug: :hug: cuzlin
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    Jan, You have been such a great friend to so many of us here on StrokeNet. I'm so glad that you won that dinner to enjoy with you husband and friends. What a nice gift to share with them. I'm so glad to hear that you are getting such great results from the 'Rollaider'. "God is a miracle maker and only HE can take care of the problems that are too big for us to handle. It is the Beast, Stroke, that wants to rob us of our joy, steal our love, and wreck havoc in our lives and homes. But we know that Positive Thinking and keeping the HOPE alive keep that Beast a thing of the past. "
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    So glad to hear the your Mom is ok after the accident! cuzlin
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    Stroke stinks that's for sure! All of us here would be saying 'AMEN' to that I'm sure. It's also very frustrating. For us as survivors and for caregivers as well. I have my days that I still feel anger about my stroke. My stroke happened June 08. But, I try so hard not to dwell on it so much now. It's part of my past. I'm still learning to deal with it. So glad you put the pictures of your guinea pigs in your post. How cute are they! Thanks for sharing that with us. cuzlin
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    Michael, Although my speech is alot better than it used to be, its not pre-stroke perfect. I have more cognitive issues that of course very few people are aware of. Even my folks who I stayed with for the 6 months right after my stroke didn't know about the cognitive issues that I deal with today. As I understand the process with SSI, if you have been denied twice, you are entitled to have a lawyer. When I started the process, I called a lawyer first. They told me to try to apply on my own. Hang in there. I understand completely. It's difficult, but I know you can do it. cuzlin
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    Hi Patty, All of us as stroke survivors are experts now on fatigue! It hits each of us differently just as the stroke itself has. I have learned to let myself have a 'nap' or 'rest' time almost every afternoon. Listen to your body. Rest when you need to. cuzlin
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    lenny, I am so glad to hear about your progress. Keep at it! Dont forget to use it every day, as much as you can. Congratulations again, cuzlin
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    Donna, I am in a different situation. As I think about what to say I have so many things on my mind. About 11 years ago, I left my husband and children due to emotional abuse. At the time, I could not afford to take care of my children, and even every else, I knew how much my now ex loved our children. At the time, I was working as an assistant manager of a fast food restaurant, at the same time, I was taking classes to get a associates degree. Now my kids are all grown up. They are 22 and 19. They are trying to understand what has happened to me with my stroke. Recently my family had a