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  1. Glad you're getting support to enhance your independent life!
  2. elizabethc

    Yes, every milestone counts! Celebrate every one!
  3. Good to hear about this support.
  4. elizabethc

    Wow! Congratulations on 20 years of recovery. Best wishes for another 20 at least! How's your life now?
  5. elizabethc

    Good to see you back - keep posting!
  6. elizabethc

    Glad to hear Trevor and Alice will be visiting soon. We are selling and moving to a retirement village close by (Shortland Waters) Cheers Elizabeth
  7. elizabethc

    I am pleased to read that you have a new relationship and I'm happy your lovely family have accepted this development in your life.
  8. elizabethc

    Well done Sue. It's great you've been able to get back to driving and the independence that allows. You certainly are a success!
  9. elizabethc

    Congratulations to you both on the hard work which has contributed to your recovery as well as your positive attitudes. I am 11 years post stroke and continue to improve although much more slowly now than in the first few years I am concentrating on my fitness (stamina) just now, using a recumbent exercise bike daily.
  10. elizabethc

    My prayers will be with you Sue. Please ask Shirley to let us all know how the operation goes
  11. elizabethc

    Have you got an electric blanket Sue? Time to get it out. Have you tried walking down the stairs backwards -I take it that you only have a handrail on one side of the stairs - hence the going down sideways. Iam saying some prayers for you - don't forget your guardian angel Cheers Elizabeth
  12. elizabethc

    Beautiful baby!
  13. elizabethc

    Such good news for you Sue. You'll be glad to get rid of those pressure stockings soon - thank goodness we are getting some cooler weather.
  14. Your story will inspire many to keep going. You are a role model.
  15. elizabethc

    As you no doubt know by now, it is going to be very hot next week. Keep the fluids up as you enjoy time with Trevor and Alice and take in a few movies in air conditioned comfort. Cheers Elizabeth Carter