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  1. Happy Anniversary LaVerneJ!

  2. Happy Birthday LaVerneJ!

  3. Happy Birthday LaVerneJ!

  4. Happy, Happy Anniversary!

    I hope you are feeling better and better

    each year.


  5. Happy Anniversary LaVerneJ!

  6. is praying for sanity.

  7. what a beautiful avatar blessingsmlp

  8. LaVerneJ

    Dear CagedBird, I never meant to upset you. Having you refer to yourself as "lazy" upsets me because it is so far from who you are. Face it, some of us may never "fully recover". But if we give up hope what else do we have left? I'll keep you in my prayers. I still believe in prayer. My stroke is not punishment. It is protection. The degree of protection my not be revealed in my lifetime, but my God knows. My God doesn't punish by stroke. My God still loves me. He always has. He always will.
  9. LaVerneJ

    Katrina. Miss college graduate. Miss 3.8. You have papers from the state that say you are smart. Go re-read your degree. Make a cup of Lipton. Call back in the morning. You know you don't have a lazy bone in your body. You know how proud we are of you. We love you. We support you.
  10. Happy birthday, Mary!


  12. Happy Birthday LaVerneJ!

  13. Happy Birthday, Itjustis! Have many, many more!

  14. Happy Birthday P. Provost! Be blessed. LaVerne

  15. Happy Birthday Gramma, Be Blessed.