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About Me

Between November 30, 1986 and December 26, 2010 I have:

Been born

Been a dancer

Taught Kung Fu

Been an artist

Been a teacher

Raised 3 kids

Directed the Sunday School

Sung in the Chior

Served as Eucharistic Minister

Trained horses

Maintained compant knowledge databases

Been married more than twice


Since December 26, 2010 I have:

Had a stroke

Gone back to work

Adopted a service dog

tried to put my life into some sort of order again

Learned to say "no"

Been left by my husband

Been found by myself

Begun painting, tattoo and stained glass work in ernest again

Deeply intensified my belief in God and my personal faith


What I will do/be between today and December 26, 2012 is anybody's guess.