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  1. Yes it is getting totally out of control and the anger is exponentially increasing which does not help matters. Never thought to see this country in such depression with a man who has not understanding of the chaos he has unleashed on this country and the world as well. Fortunatlly your have smarter leaders. We had reasonable ones but not ilike this person who cannot say one kind thing to anyone but himself day in and day out while people are dying around him. How this happened is behind my comprehension except no one was aware of the extent of what a sociopath can do or how he thinks. T
  2. Janelle and Heather, It is upsetting as there is a deficit at the top for making sense to those who need guidance instead of attack motives, using the pandemic as a political weapon. The governors, for the most part, are trying to keep us safe, especially in our state. I suspect this recent infection was purposeful, which is extremely upsetting just like our major forest fires. We have a deficit at the top which makes me feel like we have an "unfit" doctor who forgot to get his education to operate a country. Anyone who cannot understand is lacking in empathy
  3. newlease

    Steve is truly an inspiration to all stroke victims and such an aide in promoting healing globally. Thanks, you are truly loved.
  4. Heather, So sad that the area has been increasing due to lack of following the need to stay safe and take requested precautions. It happened today in the largest trauma hospital in the state and invected large wings of the hospital. It is a large country truama center and so many are infected and they do not know how the units were contaminated. It is either carelessness but the dangerous groups have been causing a lot of havoc in our country. This whole situation makes me feel, like I am sure many feel in my country and other stroke victims in other countries. St
  5. Thanks, Willis. I missed your😃 message.
  6. Perhaps a full spectrum bulb or a SAD light when you are reading for a half hour or so.. I have one in the office that was super cheap and has an ionizer connected to it. I daily just use the ionizer but the right is there when I feel light starved. My cats always knew where the full spectrum bulbs were and fought to sleep under that light when there were others in more comfy places. It was uncanny. Also we had a psychiatrist using offices when were were in staff meeting and he would always pick my office when he had used other offices, but then I had them put in my ceiling lights, he wo
  7. Oh, sorry for your quarantine from you Mum! It must be hard on both of you. It is bad sign for our times but locking into your past joys with each other might help get you through the. hard times. Know what you feel, being cooped up. Never liked to sleep much and fight it as a need so as not miss anything. Notice now I just love wallowing in bed to stretch and cozy up to the linens for soothing self, as if I am almost regressing into a need to be nurtured, if only from the linen. Notice if I do not have a purpose, I get worse, no matter what the season. I dread our
  8. Thanks. Missed the folks on here, too. Wish I could not take my self so seriously but will work on it. I do know that so many people are just beginning to think like a survivor and stroke victims have a stronger understanding than so many. Was doing a grief group with my dean of the school I was finishing who kindly agreed to do a lecture to the seniors at the center. She started out by saying she could see it in the faces of those in the audience who had experienced loss as she looked around the room. So it does not matter since the disguise merely protects me when I need it to but oth
  9. Becky, That was so kind. Will keep you in mind when my fingers are racing and the mind spins out. It is like music. Played a piano since I was four years old, got a masters couseling and also in piano and music therapy. Used both endeavors for 28 years to help people. When I had the stroke I was not able to play well, as readily. The counseling was not gone but the music was. My recent speed made me decide to try again to try to play all the music that sits on my piano reminding me of the loss. I think it is interesting how life is always evolving. T
  10. Deigh, BTW, love the pix. You look like a real musician!! Need to play the part in your performances.
  11. I miss being a senior member as I once was. Feel demoted but then it is only fair due to my inability to do the new technology.. haha
  12. Will, I liked your posts and learned a lot about you and that is why I could tell you about the gal in Florida. I get a lot of everyones posts especially when my eyes are not tired.
  13. Heather, I will look into the blogging. Have to get on with my taxes which push me into yet another stroke. Life in American is like having a stroke all over again. This is probably why I need to avoid all forums as my mouth is not silent with truths as I sincerely think this is what adds to repression that cause the lurching into the nervous system overtired thus causing the fear to jeopardize the brain transmitters. My eyes when I read what I write wear me out and this is bad for a forum unless I can get to slow down my pacing. Miss all of you most profusely. Lookin forward to hear what
  14. Deigh, I do the same thing but seem to forget it when I am writing. That is why my own entries bore me to death. I edit them but that takes even longer. I do think this has a lot to do with the stroke of long ago as I actually feel spastic when I try to slow down. It was actually what they told me when the paralysis was waking up that the faster I walked would be a problem in recovery. Even though that made sense it seemed to make it more difficult to walk, so I know the motor neurons were really confused in the repair work they were being forced to do with my speed and also not secure a