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  1. scottm

    My younger brother who is almost 60 now still races flat track on a Suzuki 400 on the weekends..
  2. 4.5 years in I still get the fatigue, but not as bad as it used to be. Check your possible medication side effects as I found these made it much worse to the point where I said no to certain ones and the doc had to find alternatives. Worst are the actual neuro drugs but sometimes lowering the dose and accepting the consequences was the better option. YMMV.
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  5. scottm

    I had to call the credit card company this morning, I got a fast talker. I had to ask her to stop and speak slower as I have a brain injury and I can't understand when they talk fast. She was nice apologized and slowed down, that is why I hate the phone,I get confused easily. When they did my recent speech therapy sessions they documented me as having a rich vocabulary but slow and thoughtful when I speak. I guess that's good. Has anyone else noticed a difference in how people react when you say you had a stroke vs. I had a brain injury. They don't seem quite so dismissive with the
  6. scottm

    A good status change

    I've been waiting to see if my change of physical status was a transitory thing we get from time to time or more long term. Seems at this point it may be more of a long term healing effect. Every since this started my right side has been weak and very prone to uncoordinated movement. However, for the last couple weeks my right leg has been more coordinated and controlled in its movements which means my gait is immensely improved. I have to temper that with how quickly I degrade when fatigue sets in. My CPS remains but with more control of my leg the skin isn't rubbed by the clothing as muc
  7. Fred was one of the first to respond when I started here. You mean a lot to us here, I just want to make sure you know that.
  8. Asha, That was quite moving. We all need to be reminded and remember what we have now, not what might have been. Family and friends can be partners with us as we move forward.
  9. There are times that something strokey happens and all I can do is laugh at myself. Like misreading a sign that I thought said cats eat free at a restaurant.
  10. scottm

    Well, the wife is furious about how the doctors misled her. She has contacted a lawyer our son who is also a lawyer has recommended. My wife is ready to start nuking the doctors who initially did the surgery from orbit. I can't afford to get upset, getting angry or upset tends to completely collapse my ability to think, I just shutdown. She is angry enough for both of at this point.
  11. scottm

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Sue, it means a lot.
  12. scottm

    Good news / bad news / confused...

    I had the evaluation done today to determine my final status for the stem cell clinical trial. Bad news is I was excluded because I am too strong. They said they needed weaker subjects so they could show significant improvement. On the other hand that is good news and shows that my PT is working. When we got home I had an email from the trial doctor recommending that I look into a separate trial focused on improving my gait which they had noticed. It is run by a researcher in the same area so I'll be contacting them. Now the news we are uncertain about, it opens a lot of questions that we
  13. scottm

    Good luck Jay!
  14. scottm

    Tomorrow is the day

    Tomorrow at 10 AM I meet with the study doctor and his minion who has done all the pre-work to confirm I am a fit for the study. Tomorrow is blood tests mainly to confirm none of my major organs are failing, they aren't. Chest X-ray to confirm I have a heart, some people say I don't but my chest is full of wire ties used to put my sternum back together. Will those set off a metal detector at the airport? Then a full suite of movement tests, the ones we've all taken like pick up a marble, now a dime. Then the leg monitor, I'll look like a house arrest prisoner with that anklet, but I can't run.
  15. scottm

    I always try to keep that thought close. Especially on those days when I am feeling sorry for myself. I have a stroke friend who is wheelchair bound and another who has passed, I'm doing pretty good, still beating the odds and outliving my enemies.