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  1. Deigh

    Yep, I know this has nothing to do with strokes but maybe someone has an answer. I am really under the weather with an attack of bronchitis. I'm past the worst now but the last bit is taking some shifting. Because I have no spleen I hold a course of antibiotics in the cupboard for immediate use if anything strikes. I'm halfway through the course now and when finished my doctor will issue another prescription to go on the shelf for the next problem. I've been subject to bronchitis for most of my life but I havn't had an attack for more than twenty years and I am trying to work out why. A f
  2. Deigh

    When I was seven years old I was in isolation hospital for scarlet fever plus complications. When I started to recover I took up knitting to overcome boredom. I planned on knitting a pair of gloves but changed it to a jersey and again to a tie. A tie got boring so I changed it to an airplane. It actually flew once when I got cross with the boy in the bed opposite, rolled it into a ball and threw it at him. Deigh
  3. Deigh

    I remember the third day in hospital when the breakfast container came round with my toast and tea. The previous day I'd had to eat dry toast being unable to open those silly little sealed packets of butter and marmalade, today I had prepared a written note which I waved at the server, it said "Please butter my toast". She was pretty indignant having a busy schedule and complained at me , but did it!........ I'd written "Thanks " on the other side of the paper and got a smile when I offered that! Deigh
  4. Will, I am nowadays a regular user of the chat section which gives me a lot of opportunity for actual contact with other stroke survivors. It took me a while to find out how to use the site but now it fills a lot of gaps for me. Deigh
  5. Deigh

    Yep Becky, lack of movement is probably the cause. Prior to the stroke we lived in a camperbus which would be driven most days and it was not automatic so one's legs got a lot of activity with gear changing even if one was sitting down doing it! Nowadays by late afternoon my energy level has fizzled and the rest of the day is spent sitting down with the regular toilet dashes the only real activity! Since the morning is the best time for me I do all my exercise routines and walks before lunchtime. Today (Thursday here) is the only time we actually go out in the evening for an hour
  6. Deigh

    Heathber, thanks for that suggestion, Over the last few years I've looked into those devices whenever they have come into view and so far I havn't found one that is satisfactory. Most of them end up in peoples garages or storerooms and only come out when they are considering having a garage sale! The principle is ideal so I will keep looking or perhaps invent my own! Deigh
  7. Deigh

    Janelle, so far the new system has worked excellently, the one evening when I broke the rule I had a restless night. I am getting about 8 hours sleep a night which means I wake about 6 and its too early to rise. If I'm fortunate I can doze for an hour. Deigh
  8. Deigh

    Now that is really something Will, Thanks, Surprisingly enough I actually had a go on one once. Owned it for about a month and had very limited sucess but think I actually managed to master it slightly. Bruises and strains were very evident and I decided to take up an easier hobby like cake decorating. Deigh
  9. Deigh

    No thanks Janelle, thats too radical for me! What I need is an exercycle but there is no place in our small flat I could store one. I'll find a solution soon! Deigh
  10. Over the last few years there has been a gradual tightening of my calf muscles overnight. I do some floor exercises daily and also walk usually 2K most mornings I use a tens type device on my feet when catching up with Email but the discomfort from the calves is increasing. I've looked on the internet to see if there is a machine for calf massaging but cant find anything suitable. I've added a few minutes stretching my ankle muscles to my floor exercises by standing and raising myself onto the balls of my feet for a few seconds at a time. Has anyone any suggestions that can help
  11. I'm going to throw this in just in case it is relevant........ .For many many years I suffered from tongue and cheek blisters Sometimes extremely painful and usually taking three days to clear. 30 years ago we did a world trip to visit relatives in other countries. When I returned I was overweight thanks to too much sitting and eating. I put myself on a hard diet and put a stop to my regular weekly bar of nut chocolate purchased when I filled up the car with petrol. It took me about four months before I was happy with my weight and that week I purchased and ate my first bar of nut c
  12. Deigh

    Alan, good to hear from you, I was concerned that that medical treatment you had a few months ago may have backfired and you had handed in your dinner pail! We are all agog to hear if it has had any effects on you. I can understand the age concern, there is a definite time in life when you weigh up what you've done and where you are going and re-thinking things out. I'm not sure if I've got there yet but it will be another milestone when I do. I think I've found all the problems that my stroke left with me and still spend most of my time working on my defects. Last year's Covid sca
  13. Deigh

    Interesting that you are experiencing 'phantom smells'. I have the same experience often myself when it smells like someone has lit a bonfire not too far away. These are totally banned in summer here and all year round when there is a dry spell on. Up till reading your mail I presumed that someone had lit a sneaky one on their back garden. Deigh
  14. Deigh

    Funny you should have said that, did you read my mail when I said that I don't even have headaches these days! In the old days my migraines were like yours that forced me to resort to a darkened room until tablets got rid of the discomfort and left me absolutely flattened. Deigh
  15. Problems this morning ,joined the chat late only to find it empty! everyone had gone home!. Mark had looked in a few minutes earlier but had also given up! Thought I'd reprint the letter I sent some while ago referring to the chat forum..... I'm in my sixth year of recovery and just taking stock of the situation. From a completely dead right side I can now walk without a stick, up to about 2K without problems. Bladder problems are more-or-less under control with the odd mishap. Uncontrollable tears are unheard of now but care has still to be taken not to have a recurrence. C