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  1. Please stop to say Hi! I have been away for some time have stayed in touch via Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest.


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      Hi Pat my name is Tracy and it's a pleasure to meet you. Hope you are doing well! 😊

  2. Happy Anniversary pprovost!

  3. Happy Anniversary pprovost!

  4. Happy Anniversary pprovost!

  5. Check the side effects of your meds. Last summer I spent three months in the hospital with a broken leg and they gave me a generic version of Baclofen which my doctor prescribed to alleviate spasticity and I take only occasionally when needed. Only a few days before my discharge did I find online the side effects that included frequent urination and I promptly instructed the nurse to stop giving me them before bedtime or anytime for that matter. Nobody had looked into side effects and I spent many PT sessions in pull-ups or even diapers. I must have had 5 urine analysis in that time which
  6. in the process of regaining mobility after a leg fracture in May In hospital until August23

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    Hi, i remember wanting to call in sick for work and casually saying that I would off sick for about a week. I was set on returning to work even 6 months after my stroke I was in rehab for 3 months just learning walk. It was only when my employee insurance rep came to visit that I realized that I would not be going back to work at all.
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    Well Lin I am down over 15 lbs and I believe that a daily walk is key.how grateful I am to have recovered enough to walk as well as I do. In winter I do walk at the mall Hubby, Carl, is working from home right now and with the economy as it is he may be home alot this winter so he may decide to walk with me this winter. I intend to be more active as a SN member this fall. I have developed an interest in reading blogs of all kinds. It is great therapy I think. Pat P.S. Thanks for the pesto tip. I gonna get to that this weekend if weather permits.
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    Ok for day 2! :-) Pat
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    I have had a few dizzy spells as well as a fainting spell since my stroke 11 yrs ago. I used to faint occasionally as a teenager but it was never explained. My GP tells me that all a faint is blood having difficulty to reach the brain. It could be due to standing up quickly after a large meal when blood is pooling in the abdomen and with a quick change of posture the brain is left high and dry without any blood so we faint or get dizzy. With this in mind it may be helpful to journal the occurances so that you can determine why your dizziness occurs . Dizziness is a scary thing for str
  14. I have tried baclofen and botox. The advantage with botox is that the medication works directly in the location of the spastic muscles and not in the body at large. I am 10 years post-stroke and it appears that much muscle in my lower leg and foot have atrophied over time rendering the botox( terribly expensive stuff I might add but maybe cheaper in Cuba LOL) I didn't tolerate Baclofen nor Zanaflex. All they did was make me sleepy. If the Botox works for you that is great but I hope you have good insurance as it is nearly $1000.00 a pop here in Canada never give up Pat
  15. Hi Richard, I believe in angels too. I meet new ones all the time. Angels are strangers who hold the door open for you or strike up a friendly conversation when you meet them in the neighbourhood. My attitude has been changed since my stroke has changed my interactions in my community. Life is so much easier when we can regard strangers as friends that we don't know yet. My faith in mankind has been renewed ever since the public has to deal with my stroke. welcome to our neighbourhood Pat
  16. Stroke Survivors are typically courageous. I had the courage to show up at WW even after a weekend of festivities that clearly went beyond my usual consumption of several days. My longtime friend, Lee, came to St. Bruno for her annual visit to Quebec. This involves much eating out and little home cooking, lots of deserts and sleeping in. Saturday night we had a great dinner in a bistro that the husband of one of Carl's collegues at work opened last winter. I wisely chose to have salmon with a salad entr
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    Weight Watchers

    Well, I am facing the music now as many stroke survivors are doing. Being disabled is a reason that some people gain weight after a stroke. I have decided that being overweight is NOT for me. Having never had a significant weight problem before my stroke, I scorned the masses who went to their weekly WW meeting in hopes of encouragement on their journey. My Mom has attempted several times since I was very small but only to give up and gain more weight. My stroke gave me a big wake up call in that I realized I had inherited some rather dangerous genetics from both my parents who had weight issu
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    Hi Cagedbird, If your doctor can promise you that he/she has considered baclofen the best option in your individual case, you may want to take it even though some of us did not find great results. however be proactive by noting and advising your doctor and pharmacist of any side effects that disturb you. If Baclofen is a real bomb, your doctor may refer you to a neurologist who may have experience treating patients with other medication or therapy. I figure that my doctor trained many many years to do her job. I trained zip. It is a no brainer whose advice I will follow.But as patient I
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    Thanks Leah, It has been over 10 years since my stroke and I still had not registered at stroke.org Lots of information indeed! Pat
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    Hi Caged, For what it's worth, my experience with baclofen and also zanaflex was extreme sleepiness. I used to fall asleep reading the morning newspaper. Phylis gave you good advice and from what I know aboput college life, it is something you mat want to wait to try during holiday break and definitely not during your mid-term exams. Give your education its best chance possible. Tylenol may help pain without compromising your academic year. I admire your courage. Good Luck Pat
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    Thanks for the link Fred. I just ordered an information kit so I can show my doctor. It looks like quite an easy thing to wear. IF it works. None of my doctors ever suggest any new therapies other than the Botox treatment that was a major and costly ( for my insurance) dissappointment. i am 10 years post stroke and my guess is that much muscle mass has atrophied over the years and I cannot expect miracles but I can always hope. Who knows? Pat
  22. My handicapped bus service transports disabled people like me as well as intellectually handicapped adults who work for a living. I used to get a kick out of my driver when she would tell me that her next stop was to pick up the intellectuals from work. To me disabled implies temporarily. As in many situations in life: This too shall pass. best, Pat
  23. I was scarce for a little while after I resigned from Human Ressources. My health is much better that we are into summer weather. I enjoy checking out the boards and giving support where I feel it may be helpful and I am often grateful for the interesting information that I come upon as I read. Thank God for the internet and The StrokeNetwork. cheers, Pat
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    Hi Gang! me again :_) I am now sereiously considering the pump because Botox just didn't work and I don't tolerate the oral treatment. it is summer and I need my mobility more than ever because I enjoy being outdoors when the weather permits. Spasticity causes me trouble to fall asleep at night and the spasms are quite painful at times I will check with my doctor next time Pat
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    Hi Ben, Thanks for the link to The China Connection. Interesting resource pages best, Pat