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  1. Willis

    😴 💤 ✌️
  2. Willis

    Good read Deigh and yes there have been some what I call pluses with my stroke a bit less than 6 and 1/2 years ago. The one that comes to mind and I guess is so important to our daily functioning is this. I can easily separate the the bull sh_ _ from what really matters. I really understand now much the human race likes to hear the. sound of their own voice whether they know what they are talking about or not for one thing. Your musical life always makes me want to tell you about all the musical acts I saw in the Detroit area as a young man. Great on the ear ringing and headache front. What a
  3. Willis

    I know Nancy not fair at all. Mine was the typical bleed on the right brain side on Valentine Day 6 years ago. The left side of the body top to bottom gone suddenly. I was very close to a major hospital and got help pretty quick and although the damage was still devastating I may have prevented even more damage. So I do have mobility there but no sensation. I was also in good shape for a person of my age. Your help and knowledge and understanding here will be priceless. Only the strokers get this 100% but I know from my wife's caregiving you guys come very, very close to understanding. Good lu
  4. Willis

    It took me a while but I did finally quit in the mid 80's. April quit a few years before when we agreed we would. I cut way down but still was cheating some. I worked an hour away at a major university in Detroit and my boss smoked Kool Milds, My brand and he was always willing to share. I probably was smoking 3 or 4 a day total back then. What I learned about situations triggering my craving and addiction was interesting to me. When I was making that 50 mile commute as I got closer to work smoking a coffin nail would pop into my mind and a stop in to see the boss and "borrow" a smoke was almo
  5. Willis

    Well right not a prescribed cure per se but that is really nice that you don't have to deal with that along with our daily challenges. Years ago a friend of mine had them and it was tough for her not knowing when the next was coming. She had the seems to be more common light sensibility migraines.
  6. Willis

    Wouldn't a little healing be wonderful heathber? So hard to say though. We have those days when we can't believe how good we are doing and then bam the tank is totally empty an hour later. Kelli the smoke smell would bother me. It has been years since I quit. The best is when we do go out to eat we don't ever smell it. Early on when I 1st came home my sister in law was sitting me while April was at work. Her husband burned a bagel in the toaster because she said he likes them that way. That was the worst ever. I thought I was going to be sick for sure.
  7. Willis

    That darn Leprechaun itch I call it. Mine jumps around on my face, left side. Ear, nostril, eye, ear again, neck, cheek. The arm, leg and torso at other or the same time. So I'm wondering as when you have a cast on the limb itches as the bone heals, it this a slight healing possibly.
  8. Willis

    Absolutely. When I being wheeled down the hall to get a brain scan about a half hour after I stroked I had the most delicious smell of a fresh peeled orange. When I was in ICU, rehab and then 1st came home about 5 weeks post stroke I could barely get my fill of oranges, There were other odors over time that have come and gone but that one stands out.
  9. Willis

    Please be safe Janelle. These recent weather extremes of the past few years are very frightening. Praying for the safety of you and your loved ones. Please let us know when you are safe from this. Sincerely Willis
  10. Willis

    Thank you swilkinson. Your experience is something that helps with these things. I know Ray was very lucky to have your care. April and I discuss pretty openly. I was telling her I had posted the PB&J story and we talked about all of that. Then we usually laugh because she tries so hard all the time. We both get I'm type B and she's an A and has a bit of an OCD issues. Not especially good combination when the B is stroked. Ha-ha It's her though and it's worked fo over 40 years and I know you understand.
  11. Willis

    Thank you Asha I have been very fortunate to be in close contact with myself and understand things about me mentally and physically. My path and treatment has been anything but normal or typical, my results have tremendous I would have to say compared to. That is the only gauge I have to go by. My wife has begun using aroma therapy in our room at night. Lavender has been her choice and it seems to have some Neuro and physical benefits I'm noticing in my left arm and leg while lying there at times. ONWARD!
  12. Willis


    I don't do this often and forgot where this stuff is to be added sometimes. Grrrr.... PB& Jelly daggers For our 4 hour car ride to my daughter’s, my wife (who does all the driving) makes PB&J sandwiches so we don’t have to stop and eat. Even bigger than that we are not big fans of restaurant food anymore anyway. April is the throw nothing away queen so the past several sandwiches I got were made with a jelly my daughter gave us because she didn’t like it. I don’t blame her but now it was being served to me. After complaining about the horrible taste a couple times she fi
  13. Willis

    This is so helpful for me and my body clock. I'm pretty useless until sometime after noon and usually even a little later no matter how good I sleep. I very rarely do my bike exercise before say 2pm and even as late 5 or 6pm some days. With the warm weather I can ride around on my mower soon cutting grass into the evening if I have to. I do like my riding mower because it has become my mode of transportation around the property and for visiting neighbors near me. Now fall back not as much fun but it does give us a chance to hibernate and I now embrace that.
  14. I was going to comment on you having the energy to even attend. Not ever easy for us,
  15. Thank you for your report Kelli. I honestly feel like I was there sharing. Most humans (myself included) can only dream they might have the strength inside of them that Steve did. I'm slightly inconvenienced with my left side remaining numb but to carry on the way he did with the more than slightly overwhelming challenges he had as a quadriplegic, I think I would fail miserably. Like everyone I don't know for sure what if anything is waiting for us after this but my belief there is something. Is it reincarnation?,the traditional image of afterlife? I like thinking and believing that when human