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  1. Thanks, 💚👑Green Queen, for your kind words. It’s good to be understood! I love your idea of making cards for the young kids. What a great way to reach out to their families in the process! I’m glad to hear there’s somewhere in the world without tons of restrictions - it’s definitely not here in Minnesota! In fact, we’re under a curfew tonight (started at 7pm!) because yesterday a police officer reached for her taser to subdue a man during a traffic stop, accidentally grabbed her gun, and shot him dead. So of course, this required riots (not protests) in a Minneapoli
  2. Well, I took a first step towards being useful - I contacted my local branch of Project Linus, and I’ve selected patterns and ordered yarn for two blankets! If you don’t know Project Linus, it’s a national organization that collects homemade blankets (crocheted, knitted, quilted, fleece, etc.) for kids up to age 18, then works with other organizations to distribute them. Right now, I’ve been asked for baby blankets for 2 groups. The first gives baby gift baskets to families who’ve just discovered they’re going to give birth to a Down’s Syndrome baby, and the second brings “gettin
  3. Sorry, DEIGH! My computer wants to auto-correct your name to “Deighton” - I have no idea what that means!😁
  4. Deighton - good ideas! I sometimes play along with the radio (which is usually on a 1940’s station) - that’s fun if I’m on a roll; otherwise, I can’t figure out the key or chords for anything before the song ends and I have to start over! I’ll have to check out the keyboard you mentioned. I tend to find myself playing past the end on shorter keyboards, especially in the bass, but I can adapt! Also, there might be something newer on the market that’s lightweight and serves this same purpose. One thing I really miss is directing a choir. The last two choirs I directed
  5. Thanks, Kelli and Wilkinson, for your ideas. I love performing outdoors, but we’re in the low 50’s to low 60’s for high temps right now (that’s Fahrenheit), so it’s a little chilly for limber piano fingers! Also, I would have to transport and set up a large electric keyboard, and I don’t have the strength to do that. I might be able to find someone to help with that (my car’s big enough), but right now, I don’t know who. I’ll have to think about it! Then, the nursing home would have to allow me to go maskless so I can actually see my music, or glance down and see the keys. I don’t know h
  6. Thanks, Heather, this gives me some things to think about. I realized that playing piano at the nursing home wouldn’t work because I’d have to wear a mask, and I can’t get the dumb things to sit right on my face! They keep sliding up, which blocks my view, and eventually the top edge starts poking me in the eye, so I need one hand free to hold the mask down (I know you’re not supposed to touch them, but I can’t find a style that fits properly).😷☹️ ANYWAY...I still have some ideas, like maybe checking into organizations that I could crochet blankets for, either animals, newborns, or
  7. I have been struggling more and more lately with the idea of providing something of value to the world around me. Since my stroke a little over 5 years ago (at age 52), I’ve had to retire because the energy it takes to drag my low-functioning body through normal work events limits me to about 3 hours of activity, then I’m finished for the day. I used to work as a musician (accompanying choirs and musicals, playing piano at parties, church music director, etc.), and since my stroke, I had a community choir (all 8 of us!) where I sang, played piano, and directed. I loved it! The best part wa
  8. cons2g

    Back when I was in my late 20's, I worked for two different temp agencies (kept me so busy that I could actually turn down some of the jobs they offered). One of my jobs was two weeks full time data entry at a collection agency that was switching all their accounts into a new computer system. This meant that every day I sat in a huge room, typing away, while all around me were bill collectors calling people about their delinquent accounts. I couldn't believe how rude they were! And when they were between phone calls, they'd laugh with their coworkers and make fun of the people they were ca
  9. cons2g

    I have to track a million different things for health and other reasons (blood sugar, meals, sleep times, etc.) and had post-it notes all over the house. It was so disorganized! Then I learned about bullet journaling - hallelujah!!! I also use a 2-page spread for each day, and it's been a lifesaver. What a great way for you to use the concept - I'm so thrilled your husband is responding to it. Give yourself a pat on the back for a genius idea! :-)
  10. cons2g

    Since my stroke, I've become a fan of "low-stress" TV and movies. I can't always deal with the action, shoot-'em-up flicks; it's too much too fast and too loud. I turn the volume way down if I'm watching one of them. Otherwise, I like watching things like "The Andy Griffith Show" and old black and white movies, because they're much slower moving. I have trouble falling asleep at night unless I have something to focus my mind on (versus letting my mind race in circles, keeping me awake), and I've rigged up a Bluetooth speaker in the bedroom from my computer (in the living room) so I can lis