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  1. alansd

    i have slowed down and become an observer of life more, It makes me think about my life and aging ,etc.I just passed 72 which seems crazy to me, but other than the impairments I am healthy and doing well..I just passed 72 which seems crazy to me, but other than the impairments I am healthy and doing well. I listen a lot to Deepak Chopra as i had in the past, but now he is more relevant and interesting than ever, he has a very calming voice too.Life is a struggle but is going along well.
  2. this life I have is as you know hard and slow.I am used to go, go, go
  3. me too, my wife hates it when i cuss or throw something.Its frustrating to work so hard and improve so slightly,I find if I make my goals very short, it helps me. drive to the store/walk in after parking/get a power buggy to ride/find my purchases/pay/leave/drive safely home. I break it down. that helps me not get frustrated.
  4. from Flint Rehab;Good stuff;
  5. alansd

    If you use Sirrius radio you can replay little segments, I use it online and in my car.It is great,music, news, sports and talk.
  6. I hear God's quiet voice in messages I read and see and hear seemingly by chance,If you are open, these help guide you. I have been guided in many situations ,Now I feel like my regeneration will rise with Spring, in the warmth of the sun.Hope I heard correctly, only time will tell.We are going to Florida first week in April, we will see what might be.
  7. alansd

    from a friend who's wife suffered thru and died from cancer...I was told of this new product....she used early. it is legal most's the Delta 8 thc infused products. It is different from the usual delta 9 thc found everywhere, still psycho active but provides real anxiety relief, more pain relief and truly works in smaller quantities. lowdoses like 5mgs work well.I found neck pain relief. and relaxing qualities from the gummies. Look up yjr article comparing Delta 8 to 9. Can be ordered online. I bought from here locally.
  8. alansd

    see it here..... infections and inflammation,lead to a stroke.
  9. just heard doctors online discussing how covid can cause a stroke even before other symptoms.This is concerning for sure , and they reported pver 100,000 cases Be careful friends we are all vulnerable!
  10. alansd

    finished my 9th hyperbaric treament today,no changes yet overall, but the contact at the clinic reiterated it could take 3 months or longer.He said to smile, be positive and hang in.Of course i will.
  11. alansd

    I wouldn't go that far, but I did enjoy some success and great times travelling and playing large venues.I also did solo music for spiritual purposes, and got to play in Israel, England and elsewhere, or did I mention that earlier? see me unde alan david messianic music on youtube as well. I am a Messianic Jew.
  12. alansd

    thanks my friend and fellow picker! Yes I haven't played a guitar in over 3 years now. I do dtill my 1960s fender amps, the stratocaster I bought at a store in Atlanta where i met my wife of 35 years, and several other nice guitars.I obsessively watch guitar video on you tube, and play keyboard on a yamaha yc . Fun to be musical if only in that way. I also write for the day when I can start up again,hopefully in 21.. o
  13. alansd

    yes Will i was a player for 50+ years. Had success in recording with the band Atlanta on mca records in 1983-7. I earned two RIAA certified gold albums and toured the US extensively fo 5 or 6 years.Miss playing a lot, spent the past 15 years playing and recording praise and worship music, travelled to the UK and Israel twice to play there.I now play right handed keyboards with a praise group.So I still have a music outlet, thankfully, but its not the same,here is a link to my 2017 gig at a local festival. not the best audio..but it
  14. alansd

    I went for the procedure,Picked up at Ohare airport by an escalade limo, driven to our hotel in Glen view.Had a meeting with the doctor later, he explained everything and answered all my questions which were many. The next morning I went back to the clinic for the process. 1st they drew blood for use later.Then took marrow from my cerivical gird . Then put in a port for intravenous and left to let us relax for an hour. Next the doc came in and set up the drip for the stem cell intravenous after the cells were processed and i had a dose of manitol to make the blood brain barrier
  15. alansd

    off to see the wizard,,, tomorrow.Excited