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  1. We had to hunt around for vegan acceptable ingredients.  Roberstson's Classic mincemeat is actually butter free, it does use vegetable suet. There has been a growing market in the UK for vegetarian/vegan produce which is where we had the mincemeat imported from. All American product had something unacceptable to Deb. While Heather is right that some mincemeats are traditionally fed with Brandy this is not. But the sugar content is so high it would surprise me if it self ferments:) As far as I can tell the crust and mince have nothing that would trigger lactose intolerance.


    They taste as god as the ones mother used to make, but do have an after taste of coconut.


  2. No it was the other way round. I think my headiness which feels like a light drunk is directly linked to my balance. When i first got home 4 weeks post stroke , it was with me all the time , EXCEPT when i would get in the saddle it would go away . that was consistent. Now if tried a tight roll back it would come back but I wasn't doing much of that . My problem was more I was riding like a novice and bouncing in the saddle!!  It has taken a year to get back in the saddle. That's a phrase we use , in that a novice rides on the saddle and a good rider is in the saddle. I think that's controlled by core muscles around the waste and it took time. 

  3. I think this it the Northern Mocking bird but far from sure. There's a par nesting in the tree i just shot that as we were sitting having tea outside.

    The windmill is purely decorative. We have an electric well which is powered by solar, a bit more modern 🙂


  4. Well first week of year done.

    I made it to the gym twice - objective received

    I stared Yoga class - intend to do 2 per week

    I used the tread mill

    Resisted snacking and weight dropped tp 186.6 b like a 5lb lose


    I finished physio therapy news Year eve with a 40 ft Run. So my recovery is going very well. I still get unbalanced and wobbly when I get tired. The headiness (like a drunkenness) which has been present since my stroke seems to be reducing 🙂 Starting the Yoga seems to be timed very well Some of the poses I would not have been able to do a month ago. There was a lot of gentle muscle stretching and my legs felt jelly when we were done just like they do after physio but  I wasn't trashed. 2 days later the muscles had toned up better and at the gym the workout went easier.


    I am now at a stage that if I'm not fatigued and I am focused my walk looks normal but it still requires effort on my part.


    My left arm is generally functioning well but I noticed last night in certain less common actions it still has spasmodity. I need to check that out.


    Been vey snowy here. Lost power on the solar system so had to get out and brush the panels!large.DSCN5004.JPG.1f520cb5c3be20ffb9c4c9078a7d4107.JPG

    I have a lot of other activities (political) coming up this week so I may have to compromise my objectives. A break in the weather would be nice to let me back in the saddle.