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  1. Hello wwill! Your final sentence really resonated with me. Thank you for giving my new nightly mantra to me.
  2. hello, Ms Becky, thank you for your perspective and you explained it perfectly. Your words are so helpful and definitely perked me up this morning! My babies need me, my family needs me, and I WILL thrive. I am starting to learn that the mind (i like to call it our "meat computer" 😂) is a powerful organ. It may be a little complex to "restart" it, but it can still be done!
  3. Thank you, Mr Willis, I truly am part of the club we never asked to be a part of 😂 though all of our (everyone in our "club" included) strokes were different, our worlds were completely flipped upside down. Its odd to say, but its nice to say that I'm not "special," we are ALL going through these same trials. Its so nice to meet you, Mr Willis!
  4. hello all, im not sure what to write honestly. I'm really glad I was able to find this forum. I felt really alone for awhile. And I apologize in advance if this is the wrong topic to post in, or if my post is too long 😞 I guess I'll start with my story. On August 2nd 2017, it was about midnight. I was 25 at the time, exactly 4 weeks postpartum holding my newborn son. I was walking to the room that my husband was sleeping in during his break from night duty. As I approached the room, the hallway started to spin and I held the wall, screaming nonesense to my husband. I ended up having a rig