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  1. HostAsha

    I have no advice except that every stroke is different, but keep on doing your exercises & don't give up , things will improve in its own time, while you try to reclaim your life back one small change at a time & it all adds up becoming good new normal again Asha
  2. HostAsha

    Sue : nothing is guaranteed in life just have to take one day at a time or one moment at a time & make a good decision so that we will have better results for tomorrow. you are so thoughtful about tieing up things so that your daughter does not have to go through same hardship you went through with your parents. quite practical but hard way to look at the life. say hello to peter from us. Asha
  3. hi Susan : welcome to best online stroke support group. stroke affects the whole family & puts everyone out of their comfort zone & tests your limit. As a long time young survivor I would tell you things which helped me in my recovery. 1. try to get as much therapy possible for him, insurance company will try to cut you off as fast as they can to save their costs, but more therapy he can get to become as independent as he can, it will help your family. 2. get help from friends & family, you are not super human caregiver burn out is real. lot of relationsh
  4. Kelli: I had trouble understanding jumbled thoughts glad heather simplified for my brain, reaching acceptance is hard, but once you reach there it is pretty serene place to be in. keep on marching forward & life will unfold to the way you want it. hugs Asha
  5. HostAsha

    leah : so good to see your post in the forum, you have been through lot, & life is not easy but you are fighter , I bet your husband Jerry( I am challenging my memory here not sure 100% but if I am wrong then sorry & we will blame it on stroke), hope you update your blogs, I still believe therapeutic power of blogs which has helped me big in maintaining my new normal. I have to tell you so many things. we do have scheduled chats every day afternoon 3-4 EST in survivor room #2 & in the evening we do have chats on M,W, F from 8-9 EST though Friday's chat is in c
  6. HostAsha

    maybe you can post link & price for some of the pieces so if anyone interested they can click on link & buy it. Thanks, Asha
  7. HostAsha

    Mary Jo : Thanks for updating your blog. I am survivor who joined this site in 2004 & learned lot of things from earlier blogs of caregivers, since my husband is not sharing into sharing his feelings or troubles, so I learnt lot from caregivers blogs what things survivor did helped them & what was breaking camel's back. I really feel stroke affects the whole family & puts every one out of their comfort zones, & it takes time to create that new normal which is satisfactory to every one. there used to be caregiver chats every tuesday 8-9 pm but as you know how careg
  8. HostAsha

    Janelle : hope you are safe & sound & that cyclone just turned into heavy rain.please update us at your earliest. praying for your safety. Asha
  9. like I said before recently reconnected with old friend who used to proclaim that he loved me, but was so insecure that minute I got into Engineering due to my good grades & he did not, he stopped the teasing & chase, I guess he realized I was in different league now. So I very nicely finished my undergraduate degree in Engineering & after I finished my degree parents found guy who was more educated than me & was here in USA pursuing his graduate degree, hubby met my brother & sister here, saw my picture & came to India to meet me & then if we both agree then mar
  10. HostAsha

    willis : Thanks for updating your blog & don't be stranger otherwise we forget your details. Asha
  11. I am avid reader & love reading self help & inspiring books. those books make me realize accidentally or out of self preservation I have been doing right things which normal people will think its common sense thing, but for me those were fought hard & bumped into brick wall & then learnt lessons kind of a deal which helped me immensely in rebuilding my new normal again. like I had said earlier recently after reconnecting with my childhood friend I started paying attention to my looks & weight. & after consultation with the Nutritionist who went over my daily food in t
  12. Tracy : thanks for sharing this, I know I am famous for providing suggestions quick for whatever worked for me should work for others too aren't we all stroke survivors. I forget yes every stroke deficits i different & what worked for me should not necessarily work for others too. Now on-wards will be mindful of that before giving my suggestions. I am glad you have good psychiatrist who understands & willing to work with you Asha
  13. HostAsha

    wow kelli : I have never experienced this, It has to be so scary. hope you are feeling better & relaxed now. Asha
  14. HostAsha

    Sue : that's such a valid point. I always feel when I see comment from others it gives me positive affirmation or different point of view to look at the same issue. That's why I find reading or writing blogs or giving feedback to highly therapeutic to one's soul Asha
  15. HostAsha

    Janelle : so sorry for your loss, wishing you strength & peace to get over this loss Asha