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  1. swilkinson

    I had viral pneumonia (RSV) in my early forties and had bronchitis for six years in a row. My solution was one of the older mycin drugs, erythromycin with two weeks worth of doses. Erythromycin is now out of fashion. I started taking Vitamin C in winter and went through without bronchitis. Many people use a combination of vitamins. I do have the flu needle every year now I am on my seventies. I find sitting in the sun good too and it feels so good in winter if you can find a spot out of the wind.
  2. swilkinson

    Janelle, just wondering how you went with the physiotherapy. Ray had shoulder subluxation and had a series of slings, he hates them all. I put them on for him so that wasn't a problem. I had to go everywhere with him and noticed some hospital staff in particular had trouble with putting some of them back on. I had to show them how to put them on without causing him pain as the joint was very tender.
  3. swilkinson

    Just hang around and someone will reply who has had similar experiences , there are people who have had this kind of emotional change. I know from being part of a Stroke Recovery group that each experience is unique but many have something in common. Most doctors have very few younger stroke survivors on their books so are often ignorant of the after effects being emotional as well as physical. Wish they would get some training to bring themselves up to date.
  4. Tracy. Part one seems fine, very readable. Welcome back my friend. Don't expect anything but the warmest of welcomes from me! Huge hugs to you.
  5. swilkinson

    Heather we didn't manage to get everyone together last year at all. Seems as if the Covid has broken the threads of our lives as a family. I hope that mends when our lives return to something Iike normal in the future but I somehow doubt it. For one thing the grandchildren will be two years older by then.And I will be older too.
  6. swilkinson

    Thoughts from my isolation

    We in Greater Sydney are in lockdown. This was supposed to be a great week with Trev and Alice here for her first week of the school holidays. They arrived on Saturday morning and left at 5pm on Saturday afternoon. This was due to an order that came out that we were going into lockdown because of cases of Covid-19 increasing in Sydney, the virulent Delta strain.They had two choices, get out of the Greater Sydney area before 6pm to go home and quarantine there in Broken Hill or to stay here for two weeks and then go home to fourteen more days of quarantine. That would mean Alice missing two we
  7. swilkinson

    George I hope all your plans come to fruition. Here in Greater Sydney we have just gone into stay-at-home lockdown. My son and granddaughter Alice travelled for 13 hours to see me, they were coming for a week. They had been here ten hours when the shutdown warnings came. They had two hours to pack up and go back home if they did not wish to be quartered with me for two weeks. Very bad news for me as I love their visits. Iceland sounds cold but if it is where you want to go just go and enjoy it.
  8. Just wondering what made you delete your blog entries? I have blogged over many years on here and sometimes sit down and reread a blog or two from a particular year to try to remember a certain period of time in my stroke caregiver journey. That way the blog is a record of that long journey Ray and I took together. As I grow older that way of jogging my memory becomes even more important. Keep on blogging so your life. Love the camping story.
  9. Will, whatever you post is a bonus for someone on here. By all means prune back what you write if you think it is too wordy but don't delete it if it is a new thought for you. I have been the Blog Moderator for many years now and have rarely had to suggest an edit to a blog. People's thoughts are important and someone will benefit from what you have to share.
  10. swilkinson

    I should think having a lot on your mind might mess with your balance, particularly lack of concentration. So sorry this happened to Carrah. I had a similar experience at about the same age. There are always predators in every generation. I hope with some counseling she regains her self confidence... Unfortunately we can't be there all the time to protect them much as we want to. Congratulations to your son.
  11. Janelle, it has been slow on here lately with a lot of people missing, I put it down to the weather, too hot in the States and too cold here in Australia. In time people generally come back though some disappear altogether. Being here for others is part of what I do, and I have so many people that I am indebted to from my caregiver days. So I want to have the time to be here for others.
  12. swilkinson

    Janelle I was discussing the cold weather with a friend and she said she'd go shopping if she could take her doona. I got a fit of the giggles as I thought of all my friends wrapped in their doonas out shopping. It really is warm enough in the shopping centre out of the wind. Besides there is coffee there and for me with friends to talk to, that is a great asset for a widow like me.
  13. Hi friends, hope you are not in isolation now and for those in the northern hemisphere taking advantage of your summer. If you have still feeling lonely and disheartened reach out to others. We may not be "all in this together" as we are told on the media right now but we are close enough to be here for one another. Keep coming on here and posting and make the most of the company we can share with each other.
  14. swilkinson

    The warmest place in winter here is my front verandah early afternoon. On Saturday and Sunday afternoon I had two old friends visit. Like the old ladies we are now we looked at the view and discussed the world, our situation, our families etc. It was very pleasant. In this still somewhat isolated situation a visit like that can make life seem much better. My turn to reach out to others now.
  15. swilkinson

    That snow ladened southerly brings joy to the skiers but is a curse to the rest of us.