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  1. Sounds good Heather. If it makes a difference the device is worth having.
  2. swilkinson

    Short days of rain

    It had to come, short rainy days, dark nights and I have to go out tonight! But apart from that life is back to being routine, I am going to meetings, out to lunch about once a week, keeping up with friends again. There are still people who go out very rarely but that is really motivated by their own fears. There is very little chance of Covid infection. I feel sorry for those who listen to the many rumours floating around about the vaccinations and are afraid to have one but I have had my first and my flu shot so feel more protected. But this weekend it is Mother's Day on Sunday a
  3. swilkinson

    Janelle, glad you survived with little damage. Longest I have had power off was 36 hours. Lost the contents of the fridge that time. Good to have you back. Keep well and safe. Temporary 3 day restrictions here in NSW this weekend, I told my daughter we'll celebrate Mother's Day some other time.
  4. swilkinson

    And thanks to Heather who has posted an update blog. The beauty of blogging is that it provides a journal of our successes and our struggles before the success. Looking back over many years can give us the courage to take on new challenges
  5. I like the idea of the market and cooking day. Cleaning services are needed but the help with shopping and cooking are going to be real time savers for you. When I first realised I needed help when I was looking after Ray I felt so ashamed but when I had the extra care I realised that meant we had a more relaxed life and more time for fun. I hope you are feeling more relaxed now?
  6. "Most things will be okay eventually" really struck a chord with me. It has been my experience but of course being an impatient fool from time to time I've thought whatever it was I wanted would never happen and I often really wanted it to happen without the experience to build up to it. So thanks to people like ASHA who have taught me to go with the flow. Now I am realising that accepting where I am right now is important too.
  7. swilkinson

    Welcome back to two bloggers who haven't been around for a while, Mary Jo and Leah. Thank you for coming back and giving us an update on your life. Hey some of the bloggers from my early days as Blog Moderator how about you let us know what has been happening in your life? I'd love to renew our friendship and catch up with you again.
  8. swilkinson

    Great to have reached, well almost, that milestone of twenty years from your stroke AND to be able to reach 70. Something a lot of stroke survivors hope they will be able to do. Enjoy your new ride.
  9. swilkinson

    Hi Leah, glad you are back blogging again. There are new bloggers here you haven't met before but the problems will be familiar. A few of the newer bloggers are Australians so have a slightly different view of life. So glad I have had you as a Facebook friend over the years. Hope to hear from you again soon.
  10. swilkinson

    Nancy we caregivers have an ocean of experience and sometimes we get to share it with others. We often do this with a view to helping them to fast track some of the experiences we struggled through. I find I can still answer a lot of questions but now wait for people to ask them first. There is so much to learn as a new caregiver and you can get emotional overload sometimes. Why do bad things happen to good people? I wish knew the answer to that. Experience that stretches us strengthens us. Living through traumatic events in our lives shows us how to go through the process of heal
  11. In a way keeping busy helps us to find a calmer place in our lives. Awful things happen around us but we have things to do that keep us focussed and that is a good thing. Enjoy making your baby blankets and I know you will be a blessing to the people who receive them
  12. swilkinson

    I am glad you came back to update us Mary Jo, for a lot of people life after caregiving is unimaginable so in some ways people like you and I illuminate that road. The strengths we build up as a caregiver enable us to going living a worthwhile life but the feeling of aloneness is hard to shake. Like you I have not so far found someone I would like to spend the rest of my life with. But I do have a lot of pleasant friends and sometimes that is enough.
  13. swilkinson

    Janelle may be without power and phone connection due to the very strong winds that area experienced so I am sure she will reply when she can.
  14. swilkinson


    In Australia a lot of service type people call older ladies "Darls" short for darling, an inoffensive term of endearment and often a substitute for other words such as "sweetie" (sweetheart) or "pet" which were often used a couple of decades ago. This morning a trolley boy took my trolley back to the trolley bay after asking if he could "take it Darls" and last week another young man offered to help unload my groceries. All this shows I am an older woman now, a fact given away by the grey hair and the way I walk when I am tired. The left leg where I had the melanoma removed from behind the kne
  15. swilkinson

    Stay as calm as you can. I haven't been in a cyclone but had a strong wind destroy my cabin and back yard ten years ago so know that kind of feeling. Hope it weakens before it gets to you. Stay safe.