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  1. Hello all!


    Thanks for the responses. I feel like I forget to come back here and check for responses, and I have. I saw mom doing things that make no sense recently and i realized she cannot be alone any longer. Not that she was alone, but even for 15 minutes she can create havoc. It was then I realized this will be good for her. She will no longer sit on the couch all day with no interaction from people. She will be forced in a way to interact and I hope get better.


    Dr's. now say she needs 27/7 supervision and i feel safe knowing this place will do that.

  2. I can not reply to your post as a caregiver s I am a survivor. I agree with Annie, your role is changing. We can all advise you to not feel gulty; however, that is easier said than done. You sound like an organized person; as long as you have "plans" for Mom's care and follow through on what needs to be done, you're on the right track. My life too will have to undergo some "substantial" changes in the next 3 years. My daughter -high school student/caregiver wil be gradusting high school and going to college. I hope that my recovery will continue so I am even more independent than I am now. Good luck to you - please keep us updated.



    The fact that you can get on a computer and even think clearly enough to put thoughts into words tells me so much. I dont want that to sound wrong, but my mother cannot even tell its a new year, no matter how many times I have told her. She forgets 5 minutes later what she was told. She appears to have permanent aphasia, she wants nothing to do with therapy anymore and does nothing but watch TV all day and night. I have become an in home sitter, and I am here 98% of my time.


    She is not going to get better, and I cant continue to do this for her.

  3. I read this site from time to time, post when I can, and learn a lot of things from people. Mostly lurking, I found this is a great site, but a common thread I have found is, is that some of you have have been caregivers for years with no end in site. I guess I am looking for affirmation that some are not meant for this role, and that trying to get out of the caregiver role is full of guilt, angst, anger and confusion.


    I have decided as an only child to a stroke patient whose recovery is at a standstill, that I have to make changes both for my sake and her sake. Mom was doomed from the start because of her aneurism 18 years ago, and she could not receive clot busting drugs when the stroke hit. I had psych evals done in December for her and they said this is as good as she is going to get and will need 24/7 care for safetys sake. This news was devastating and a relief. This gave me the nudge I needed to make a move for her that suits her needs and frees me to work and have peace of mind she is being taken care of.


    But why do I feel so shitty about this?! I am soon to be divorced, I have no children, I have a job that is going to require travel, a home that needs work and her home that needs fixing up to sell so she can have more money to stay in this assisted living home. I have done this for 7 months, mostly alone with help from 2 other people. I have stayed home from work almost 2 days a week and tried to work from home without compromising my job.


    I am tired of washing bedding and clothes each day

    I am tired of fighting to do therapy

    I am tired of showering a fragile body

    I am tired of wiping a messy butt

    I am tired of saying swallow the pills don't chew them

    I am tired of cooking all 3 meals a day

    I am tired of the "WHY?" and the "HOW COME?"

    I am tired of the "gosh darn dag blamit you, you son of a bitch" when I try to help


    I know she suffers from a stroke and lack of mental capacity, but she is starting to isolate herself in her own home. She wont go out anymore, she wont do anything anymore and not one of her many friends has offered to help in the last 7 months.


    So I january 30th my caregiver role ends, but I feel like I have given up. Like I should try to do it longer, but I just cant. When I read posts here I cant believe that some of you will and have done this for years. I need affirmation that the caregiver role is not for everyone, and that I at least tried it, mostly alone, and that my decision is a good thing.


    So this post is for the former caregiver, the one who broke away, the one who tried and said I cant do this anymore. How did you move on and get over the pain of letting go.

  4. From all I've read about strokes, YES, it sounds like impulsiveness which is common with right hemisphere strokes. In time that is supposed to subside, although of course that may depend on the extent of the injury to his brain. I don't have experience with how to handle it BUT I think the folks here have some great ideas. Eventually he will learn his left side isn't working well...


    Not being picky or questioning, but I thought impulsiveness was the result of left brain stroke? Mom is very impulsive and forgetful of even the littlest things. She still thinks she is cooking and cleaning and has not done them in months!


    I just did some checking and you are correct! Love the internet!!