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    Reading, cross-stitch, knitting (glad I can do it), talking with friends, limited travel, playing with my cats, computering especially the stokeboard. I hope some day to again be able to garden and do more traveling ... cooking too. One day at a time I am getting better.
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  1. AZ Leah

    thank you to those to have responded to my input. I will try to get into a chat soon and, Asha, it's good to hear you have advanced to host some chat meetings. My schedule has been sporadic (I'm sure I'm not the only one!), as I also have chronic fatigue so have to nap in the afternoon and then get up for dinner. As you all know it takes twice as long to do anything than would if a normal person, so it's always about l 1/2 hour to eat, and then look at internet email and some backlog paperwork I have. I must say I was very glad to get my tax preparation docs to my CPA; i
  2. I think a few of you may remember me. I used to blog, chat and go into the forums very frequently. I had my stroke in 2006 and after a LOT of rehab, ertc. I progressed so I could walk with a cane, altho with a limp to left leg, and I even could drive for a few years. Then everything came crashing down when my husband of 27 years was diagnosed in July 2011 of stage 4 lung cancer and he died 3 1/2 months later. At the same time, I took another bad fall, was in the hospital, diagnosed damage to my spine, and then put in a brace from under my breasts to my hips for 6 months.
  3. Kelli - I got in okay with taking out the _ in my user name, so thank you.  I don't have time to blog right now; time for a quick nap, but at least I know I can get in.  Thanks again. til later, Leah

    1. ksmith


      I'm so happy 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary AZ Leah!

  5. AZ Leah

    Asha~ I always find your blogs uplifting. I've been in the dumps lately and know I would feel better if I blogged but I haven't made myself do it yet. God will only help you if you help yourself, right? I have been readying spiritual books every day so hopefully something will touch my Spirit to get going! Leah
  6. Happy Birthday AZ Leah!

  7. AZ Leah

    this is a great discussion topic. I am constantly being challenged by change - the latest of which was the worse, the death of my husband 4 years ago. I am still in an upside down mode and am waiting with patience for the Lord to tell me my next move. Leah
  8. Happy Anniversary AZ Leah!

  9. I'm so happy for you. My husband and I went to Italy (a dream of mine) before my stroke. I would not have been able to handle it after my stroke. And of course, Jerry passed away in 2011 so I am grateful he agreed to go. We had an awesome time and met lots of wonderful people. In fact one of the couples who was on our tour from CT (I'm in AZ) we hooked up with and toured Glacier National Park in Canada; had a wonderful time. I'm still in touch with her by email. As you know I haven't blogged in a while or been in chat. It seems as though when Jerry died, my whole world turned upside down and I
  10. Happy Anniversary AZ Leah!

  11. Happy Birthday AZ Leah!

  12. AZ Leah

    Happy Anniversary Asha. I love cruises also and am so grateful my honey and I went on several before my stroke. And yes the water is so calm and soothing. I have many photos I can reflect on I never learned how to surf...too old; don't miss it at all. Leah
  13. AZ Leah

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! !

    HAPPY NEW YEAR STAY SAFE AND MAKE STROKE RECOVERY A PRIORITY IN 2014 SO WE CAN ALL HAVE BETTER LIVES. BE HAPPY, HEALTHY AND SPIRITUAL. love you all, LEAH :friends: :cocktail: :happydance: :Clap-Hands: :Dance: :Jammin: :cheer: :music_band:
  14. AZ Leah


    BEFORE THE DAY IS OVER I WANT TO ADD MY WISHES OF A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE HERE ON STOKEBOARD.NET. MAY THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH AS THE NEW YEAR TURNS. I PRAY EVERYONE IS SAFE AND YOU HAVE HEAT, WATER AND NO ICE ON YOUR TREES LIKE SOME OF MY RELATIVES IN MICHIGAN. For a change I am happy in Arizona with the low 60's and nights in the low 40's and I have heat, water and no ice, although some of the city does have some ice on the windshields in the mornings. Reminds me of days gone by. For 2014 I plan to continue working out to get stronger. No telling what will happen. Of course, I'
  15. Time to get back on the horse I fell off. I ended up going into HealthSouth rehab to jump back into physical therapy. I cannot say it helped too much except to point out to me how far I had fallen off the horse. They used e-stim on my left leg but I think you need a lot of zaps for it to do much good. Because I went in on a Friday and they don’t do much over the weekend, I only had 7 days of therapy and some was occupational and speech which I felt I didn’t need. My gait isn’t much different; I came home last Wednesday. Most of the PT was done on raised mats which I do not have at home and