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  1. HostSally

    Hi Sue Glad that you had a wonderful Christmas You face things with such grace and I will have you in my prayers for good news. Like someone said before you have been having check-ups so this might be in the early stage Please keep us posted when you get a chance and get out and get some painting done on that poor elephant Enjoy your garden and think of us that are in the middle of a very cold winter Take care Sally
  2. HostSally

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and showing us all the meaning of love and that vows matter. Thank you for showing me and all the other caregivers that it's ok to vent and be mad at the world but in the end to pull up our big caregiver pants and get on with what has to be done. Thank you for all that you do for this site and I glad that you will be with us for a bit longer Sally
  3. HostSally

    This is a wonderful blog so full of happy I just have to smile wide and am so proud of you Yes I'm doing the happy dance for you. Your roomy tried to put a pin in your balloon but you would not let her good for you another pat on the back for you Going to the out with your purse and watching the fireworks another pat for you You are doing so well keep it up and keep blogging so that we can share in your joys and happy dance with you Take care and keep up the good work Sally
  4. HostSally

    Good for you for always checking your med and not letting the room mate get under your skin I hope that you can get out for a few days and enjoy the summer it goes by so quick Enjoy your coloring books Take care Sally
  5. HostSally

    Good for you Glad that you are getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. It's sooooo good for you Take care and keep the posts coming Sally
  6. HostSally

    Pam You come a long way baby so strap on that fitbit and start your own progress report. I track my steps everyday and set a goal for each week The weather is fine so get out in the sunshine and shake your groove thing to your own beat. Take care and let us all know how you are doing Sally
  7. HostSally

    Hi Stu Congratulations on the big 10. Good luck with the move that going to be alot of hard work for you and your family Take care and keep us posted on the move Sally (Wife of Stroker now I'm Host Sally LOL)
  8. Happy Birthday HostSally!

  9. HostSally

    Hi Sounds like you need to get another Dr. All Drs are not a good fit for everyone just like people are not your new best friend. Hopefully the next Dr will be a better fit and will listen and work with you Take care Sally
  10. HostSally

    Sounds like things are looking up so happy for you Glad that you are getting new shoes and if you can put apps on your cell phone you can download a pedometer to count your steps Hope that you don't get the bug that's going around Take care and enjoy the sunshine it's good for your mood Sally
  11. HostSally

    Sorry for your loss Sending prayers for you and your family Sally
  12. Happy Anniversary HostSally!

  13. HostSally

    Sending prayers and to wish you a Happy New Year Hope that you are feeling better real soon Sally
  14. HostSally

    Sounds like Larry and you are doing so well weight gain and you telling the Dr when you want to arrive so very proud of you Both Larry and you have come a long way in this last year Take care Sally
  15. HostSally

    So glad to see that you had a great time and enjoy your friends and relaxed a bit Thanks for all the information that you gave many great points Glad that your trip was so successful Sally