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  1. Happy Anniversary Julie Craig!

  2. Happy Anniversary Julie Craig!

  3. Hi. Do you have a pomeranian? What are they like to live with? Just curious. :)

  4. Hi. Do you have a pomeranian? What are they like to live with? Just curious. :)

  5. I used to show dogs. I showed and bred golden retrievers for over 16 yrs. Had kids and dabbled with shows with a beautiful dobie. How can you continue w/ shos now? I cannot use my left arm or open my hand on command. Cheers! Julie

  6. I need to pursue help in SF or LA.....But honestly (AFTER 3 YRS.)I 'm REALLLLY tired of all this PT,botox, blah, blah.BLAH......crap....I just want to live my life, ya know?

  7. Thanks MUCH! Appreciate your candid/honest responses. I've decided to not return to the nuero who "shot me w/botox.What is assinine/ridiculous is that this NEURO... is considered THE SPECIALIST in stroke in all of Fresno! Only one hosp. does the t..? whatever shot for stroke w/in that 3 hr. span.....and that's her hosp.! + HER HANDS shake the whole time she is "s...

  8. Maria: Thank you very mucho! I think I need to try to find a dr. who can better help me w/ the botox injections. My neurologist just stuck me 12 times w/ 200 cc of botox and I have no results and a still sore bicep from 2 weeks ago! It's very disheartening to waste my time and energy and just skid to nowhere! I know you're very busy and I DO sincerely appreciate your tim...

  9. Maria: Can you please describe the procedure your dr. goes thru for your botox injections? Mine just shot my hand/ thumb big muscle and had to reallllly jam hard directly into my bicep---which left a big BRUISE FOR OVER A WEEK. Another ON top of my foot..................12 shots / two full bottles and 2 wqeeks later NO results for me.....craaaaaaaazy lady...I just do not think she knows what

  10. YOU kind sir are my hero of the week. Have you hAD SOMEONE GIVE YOU BOTOX? dO THEY REALLY HOOK UP A MACHINE THAT TELLS WHERE TO INJECT? YUP! i AGREE 100% w/ your observations...think I should shop around before I let someone just inject me w/ botox indiscramitely (sp?) hrumph! THANKS OOOOODLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey friend...I'm gonna do it...just need mammo results and ins. ok! Thanks mucho for helping work thru this. APPRECIATED THE INPUT!

    hugs, j

  12. am unable to send a "message" so here--thanks for b-day wish and yes I retired last June---feels really good----BEST WISHES WITH your recent test results--will pray 4 u love, j

  13. Thank mucho for my card.. made mr smile and be happy! hugs, j

  14. I sympathize. It is so exhausting to go out of your routine. Fri. I had PT in morning. then that afternoon we unexpectedly had to go to a CPS meeting w/ social workers re: my 4 year old nephew=Benjamin... it was quiet and respectable and yet heart rendering...will share in hopes your problems seem not sooo big,,,,,: I have been very upset by this and needed to share.sooooooooo.thanks for listening:Tues. night,July 15? at 12:30 at NIGHT a cop picked up Benjamin running around in the street at a huge intersection in Fresno
  15. i am julie- stroke hit me: 6/14/07- live in Kingsburg= 20 miles south of Fresno....i am 57 1/2 ! Thanks for asking+coordinating these replies! :laughbounce:
  16. My stroke was June 14,2007. I want to return to teaching 11th grade English this August...Am I crazy?

  17. I have used Saebo...YES!-- slow and frustrating,,,wanna just throw those balls!