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I. was just rereading this thread and realized it covered something that is really bothering me now.  My mind is as fast as it ever was at understanding and knowing about what is being discussed; but, my mind shows its damage when I try to formulate my thoughts into verbiage.  The words I need seem to be just beyond my grasp and when I find them, my mouth and throat can't seem to get them out.  I notice that people rate my intelligence by the sounds I am making, so if I sound dumb, I am dumb.  

It is frustrating and hurtful; but, then I realize how really lucky I am in comparison to other stroke survivors and I just move on.

I'll just keep working on better speech and hope for the best.  Thanks for letting me vent.  I'm OK just maybe a little down.

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That is very understandable, I have similar problems but not as serious as yours. Mine means that I cant get involved in any argument no matter how serious the situation is. I just give up or better still call in my wife to explain the problems. 


I have become a stalwart of the chat part of this forum because it means I can get my discussions in a civilised way as long as my fingers don't tire. Maybe we will see you there sometime?


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 What a great idea.  I know the chat would be good for me but just couldn't seem to navigate the site when I tried before.  I'll try again so hopefully I'll see you there.  And you are so right about being in an argument.  A fast repartee just aien"t going to happen.

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James, repeat after me:


I will not compare my stroke deficits to others.


I will not belittle my deficits  and move on. live your life, not someone else's. 


We don't live your life.


Please, every feeling you have is warranted.  Every vent, warranted.


Please, do work on your speech. Not to make it better for others, but to make it better for you.


Anyone messes with you when you are talking,  remember they are showing what kind of person they are.


I got you. 



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Green Queen,

All good stuff and very much appreciated.  Seems like every time I come here, I get something that helps me.  So, that was a bad day and now this is a good day.  Thank you so much!  

Sometimes I think too much about the old "me" and forget to be thankful for the new "me".

Onward and upward.  Here we go!  James

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Onward and upward indeed.


James, you are so right. Being thankful for the new me is very important. 


The new me is a lot more spiritual, which I'm extremely thankful for. 



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