A sick person who happened to have a stroke

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On 3/1/2021 at 6:46 PM, heathber said:

Oh Janelle ((hugs)), IBS sucks. I hope you can get on top of it quickly.  My niece suffers from it and ended up doing special tests to identify her trigger foods and is now on a tailored low FODMAP diet that helps a lot.

It's more likely to be linked to your diabetes than your stroke. But as Tracy says you have to keep keeping on.

take care


Same with my daughter heathber. Healthy and active and then IBS. It took some work but a diet adjustment made all the difference.

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Thanks Tracy, Heather and Willis!!


Not glad that you (Tracy) know what I'm on about or that you deal with it due to family...but knowing it's something I can discuss certainly helps!


I've now seen a dietitian and I'm supposed to be starting challenges. You know, being all good then practically overdosing on a certain thing from FODMAP. The body's reaction will tell me if I'm intolerant or not.


Connor went through all this when he was 5. 

I know it's for my own good, but when you know what's coming...



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Exactly.  Some home time with my dogs coming up.



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