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I have spent a lot of my life inventing things but there are some things I'd like to do but they are out of my range. If you know anyone who could design a device to do them I'd appreciate you passing the requirements on.

1. When listening to the radio quite often a short statement of seemingly importance is uttered. Since the radio is only background I miss the announcement. I would like to have a button on the radio that if pressed would re-play the last 30 seconds!

2. Apart from the news everything I watch on TV  I have previously recorded. A lot of the conversation in a program I miss because young people talk too fast. I can speed up the re-play but what I need is a built in device that will slow the programme down. Just 5% would be enough but 10% would be even better.

If you know someone who could build these gadgets then please pass this message on with a requirement that if they make a million out of either idea a $100 gift to me would be appreciated.


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I think DAB+ radio has that ability, if it's available in your area, I think DAB+ broadcasts can also be picked up/played on Mobile phones with right app too. You need an app or device that supports a replay buffer or pause/rewind feature which means it will need internal storage of some sort ( SD card, hard drive, ...)


I don't know of anyway to slow down the TV though (all the playback slow options I know of mute the sound when you do it)

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