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from a friend who's wife suffered thru and died from cancer...I was told of this new product....she used early.

it is legal most's the Delta 8 thc infused products.

It is different from the usual delta 9 thc found everywhere, still psycho active but provides real anxiety relief, more pain relief and  truly works in smaller quantities. 

lowdoses like 5mgs work well.I found neck pain relief. and relaxing qualities from the gummies.

Look up yjr article comparing Delta  8 to 9. Can be ordered online.

I bought from here locally.

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Alan, though in my State and 35 others we have legalized medical marijuana programs to many varying degrees. Here in Florida it became legal in 2016, albeit limited in access and product availability. In the past, I've posted about my desperate search and experiences with post stroke neurological pain, mine was localized to my left eye for reasons unknown. I spent countless hours and time with lists of doctors, neurologists, ophthalmologists, and finally a leading neuro-opthalmologist from the Bask and Palmer Eye Institute here in Miami. After the assortments of checks, scans, and testing it was determined that there wasn't anything that could be corrected surgically and long story short was relegated to a Pain Management Clinic at Baptist Hospital where in was prescribed various forms of 24hr extended release morphine products, oxycontin and other oxymorphones over a two year period. Yes, they did manage the pain and I would lower my dosage to the least strength available that I could get and still manage the pain. Opioids imo are a necessary evil for many who need them to control and manage pain, but for me the usage was a life draining experience and side effects were intolerable. Not to mention the withdrawals when my decision that I had to quit them completely for my health.


In the meantime I tried all kinds of alternative paths, acupuncture/accupressure, meassage, meditations, homeopathic remedies, herbs. I've even mentioned seeking a path to hypnotism. In the end, Florida legalized Medical Marijuana in 2016. Whats to loose in my case. Though still keeping in mind that this is still a Federally Controlled substance schedule I drug and illegal on the Federal Levels, many independent states legalized some form of programs to implement these products and make them available to those through state legal channels could obtain them. At no point did I ever seek these products for the "entourage effects" of the flower to get high...I had enough of that growing up in the 60's and 70's culture. I specifically wanted a natural form of pain management that wasn't as harmful as prescription opioids without all the nasty side effects, not to mention physical addiction.


Pot never was any form of addiction to me or countless friends growing up here in Miami and still isn't 50yrs later. Anyway, long story short, medical cannabis works, I do not smoke it in any form but take it orally either through tinctures, concentrates and/or oils to include capsules. I can't tell you what a blessing it is to find something that works to manage the pain and has other benefits health wise that I can 100% attest to that it also improves. It comes in so many forms, I have found my specific methods of oral administration to work with absolute assurances. I'm not trying to promote the use of the products to advocate getting a "buzz" or anything. I'm an old curmudgeon coming up at 69yrs and have absolutely no need to get high, but whether you find strains with varying ratios of CBD:THC's that work for what ails you, the products can be found without the psychoactive side effects if preferred and tolerated.


There is so much good science and testing being done with cannabis and cannabinol these days, I'm confident that at some point it will be taken off the Federally Controlled schedule I lists and become available for so many various kinds of treatments. I'll be a strong supporter, I'm not in the "recreational user camp" but for medicinal use I'm testimony that it does work and has many benefits other than just for pain. Here's just one link that I'll provide that has many benefits listed to include many that come benefit the outcome of stroke survivors with many of the deficits associated.


If interested a very informative link among many>>>>  #15 may be of some interest to stroke survivors but I'm confident that it may vary by case, but the benefits are very encouraging and like mentioned, for me it's been a life saver.

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