G. L. A. D. Technique (alternative to the usual gratitude journal)

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Hi friends! I promised my chat group the other day that I would create a PDF for the G. L. A. D. Technique. This is an alternative to the gratitude journal, which has and is so beneficial to tons of people. My therapist wanted me to try this and what I found was such a gem. 


I am five and a half years post stroke. My fatigue, however, has remained a real problem. Fatigue, off and on depression and a slew of psychiatric issues is a perfect reason for keeping a gratuity journal (I think it's great for anyone). The   G. L. A. D Technique helps me a lot... especially when I am particularly fatigued, depressed or just plain exhausted, I learned how to continue positivity. Please make a copy for yourself and give it a try. 😊



G.L.A.D. Technique 2 (1).pdf

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I think this is such a great idea and reminder to look at the little things

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Thank you!

I have just printed this out!



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Thank you guys and I hope someone can benefit from this technique! 

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