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I'm in my seventh year of recovery and have many problems under control, One which keeps repeating is sleep loss. I get this sorted out and all is well for a while and then for no reason at all it fails again and I find myself awake when I should be sleeping soundly. It is difficult to understand why, I have a very comfortable bed, the room temperature is acceptable, there are no extraneous noises to cope with and there is no justifiable reason to be awake.

I have lost the ability to read in bed but have overcome this problem by installing a pillow speaker which is plugged into my bedside radio. I can switch on the radio for a set time and as the speaker is under my pillow it cannot be heard by Valerie. I usually listen to the NZ concert programme, which is classical music based and is advertisement free. Another asset is that between midnight and 6am the program is serviced by pre-recorded discs so there is no aggravating chatter by compères. Most times the music is dull enough to not keep the listener awake. Its downfall is that sometimes the music contains too many sopranos or shrieking violins and fails to induce sleep.

Lying awake is not acceptable because my brain does not shut down and spends the time re-solving problems or reminding of the times when I was wronged or did wrong. After a while I get restless and have to rise and make a hot chocolate drink, take a couple of tablets and listen to infuriating talk back radio till tiredness overcomes me and I return to bed. This is a most unsatisfactory solution because the next day I'm exhausted.

The solution is to clear my mind of clutter and wait for sleep to come. One of the dullest jobs in the world is painting, so a few years ago I started to paint the Great Wall Of China from my bed. I've been doing this for nearly ten years and have done about two and half kilometres. President Trump upset the Chinese two years ago and I couldn't get near it because of barriers but have now decided to continue from where I left off.

A recent introduction to this problem is to stop watching TV for an hour before going to bed and reading a non-violent book instead. This has proved very successful.






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Another one you could try is Inulin. you dissolve a teaspoon full in water and drink it about an hour before going to bed.  It won't make it any easier to go to sleep but can help with making the sleep you do get more restful.


There's also some great info on setting up sleep habits in this


Good luck


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thanks for sharing such good information Heather and Deigh, best x

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Deigh I so understand! 100% relate. I am so sorry this happens to you too. I know how much it effects my well being and I have pretty serious issues with this as well. I certainly am no one to give you advice since it is such a catch 22 for myself. I sure do hope you find help or helpful things... sleep is so important. It is very frustrating when your body will not listen to your needs or instructions for sure!! Heather has given me the info on Inulen as well and I still need to check it out. If I do I'll let you know how it works for me. Best wishes always!


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