Checking in after 10 year absence

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I think a few of you may remember me. I used to blog, chat and go into the forums very frequently. I had my stroke in 2006 and

after a LOT of rehab, ertc. I progressed so I could walk with a cane, altho with a limp to left leg, and I even could drive for a few

years.  Then everything came crashing down when my husband of 27 years was diagnosed in July 2011 of stage 4 lung cancer

and he died 3 1/2 months later.  At the same time, I took another bad fall, was in the hospital, diagnosed damage to my spine,

and then put in a brace from under my breasts to my hips for 6 months.  Surgery wasn't an option due to my stroke, prolonged

hospital stay, and all the complications. So after the brace was off, I tried to get back to exercise but it was just too much for me

to handle along with the grief of my husband's death.  I heard voices in my head from some of you saying, whatever happens,

don't quit exercising.  Well, I did.  So I have been on pain medication ever since altho' the dr. doesn't give me much (3 pills/day)

so I just tough it out.  I wanted to check in but it is now time for my afternoon nap, so I gotta run.  I see some of you on Facebook

but I wanted to get back where I really belong, as you guys and gals are the only ones who really understand.  I see that some

of the format has changed since I was last here so I hope I am entering this in an okay place. I'll try to come on regularly and even

try some chat some time.  Welcome back to me Leah (AZ Leah)  

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Hi Leah, nice to meet you, I don't think I've "talked" to you before, I've been on here since about 2012 so probably after your last time here. I do hope you can now slowly get back to some exercise (it certainly makes a huge difference for me, I went backwards for the first 6 months of 2020, because we were in lockdowns due to Covid) Once gyms and rehab opened up again I've regained most of those losses plus found some new skills, so while it will be harder with pain and lack of practice, don't give up completely.




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Hi Leah, glad you are back blogging again. There are new bloggers here you haven't met before but the problems will be familiar. A few of the newer bloggers are Australians so have a slightly different view of life. So glad I have had you as a Facebook friend over the years. Hope to hear from you again soon.



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Leah, Good to see you back, but I understand  that the circumstances in your life have been difficult. The rehab you had after your stroke was hard because the connections between your brain and your muscles had been broken. This time,   the connections are still there but your brain has to remember how to do things, but it doesn't have to re-learn everything like it did the first time.  YOU'LLL STRUGGLE SOME, AND HAVE TO WORK HARD SOME, BUT HOPEFULLY, NOT AS MUCH AS THE FIRST TIME. 









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leah :


so good to see your post in the forum,  you have been through lot, &  life is not easy but you are fighter , I bet your husband Jerry( I am challenging my memory here not sure 100% but if I am wrong then sorry & we will blame it on stroke), hope you update your blogs, I still believe therapeutic power of blogs which has helped me big in maintaining my new normal. I have to tell you so many things.

we do have scheduled chats every day afternoon 3-4 EST in survivor room #2 & in the evening we do  have chats on M,W, F from 8-9 EST though Friday's chat is in coffee shop rest all are in survivor room #2 & guess what I have started helping in hosting these chats too I host chats on W evening 8-9 EST & on Friday in coffeeshop after hostdennis passed away, hope to see you around often & share your joy & struggles with us.



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thank you to those to have responded to my input.  I will try to get into a chat soon and, Asha, it's good to hear you have advanced to host

some chat meetings.  My schedule has been sporadic (I'm sure I'm not the only one!), as I also have chronic fatigue so have to nap in the

afternoon and then get up for dinner.  As you all know it takes twice as long to do anything than would if a normal person, so it's always about

l 1/2 hour to eat, and then look at internet email and some backlog paperwork I have. I must say I was very glad to get my tax preparation

docs to my CPA; it took forever this year. I have also had to change landscapers and it took a while to find one. I also have to change my

cleaning girl; I found out last week that she does not believe in the vaccine or will she wear a mask - so out she went. I have an appt

tomorrow with one outfit and I'm waiting for another lady to call me back.  Yes, Asha, you were correct, I miss Jerry tremendously, not only

for his emotional support and love but also I have had to pick up chores that he used to do.  I do have a caregiver but there is a limit to 

what she does.  Well, it's bed time for me, so I'll meet you all at some other time and nice meeting you Heather.   Cherio, Leah

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