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  • swilkinson

    Living on angel time.

    By swilkinson

    I went to see the neurosurgeon on Tuesday. I was interviewed by a young Asian associate doctor and sent for a 3D MRI and angiogram, a brand new way of showing  the blood supply within the brain. The results were given to me by the associate and then I saw the specialist. It appears the aneurysm is larger and deeper than previously thought but at my age they are not going to operate as it would mean a full brain surgery. Coiling, one method of dealing with an aneurysm, is not an option. I think I

Short days of rain

It had to come, short rainy days, dark nights and I have to go out tonight! But apart from that life is back to being routine, I am going to meetings, out to lunch about once a week, keeping up with friends again. There are still people who go out very rarely but that is really motivated by their own fears. There is very little chance of Covid infection. I feel sorry for those who listen to the many rumours floating around about the vaccinations and are afraid to have one but I have had my first

Ups and downs of Home care Support and government funding

Hi All I haven't blogged for ages, thought it was time for a quick update.   I've been self funded for all my care and therapy since my stroke but with the shutdowns here in early 2020 I was forced into the realisation that I am not as independent as I thought I was.  So I finally applied for government assistance with health, self care and therapy costs through our NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). It's been a roller coaster over the last 14 months getting all the informati


heathber in update

climbed that mountain... but still have my gear for another climb

I believe I hit a mile stone. I was always trying to not accept how far were my limits or what I can do for I always wanted to keep the hope alive that, even though I knew what was realistic, could be better... When I reached that point ( reaching my limitations), I got scared angry because I didn’t want it to be ‘ my cap’.   Now that it’s happened ,holy cow ,I feel better but I do understand that I may revert back to other “stages of grief  but sadly my co workers heard the 12 years of trying t


Ive known a gal and her family for 25 plus years -- not super close, but that connection you get with people you meet sometimes. Kinda like a mirror- they seem just like you and they are - you are genuinely happy for them and vice versa. Words can not communicate the bond. there simply was not a need for the daily communication. after Dan stroked I watched there family from afar - they were the mirror of what our family used to be and would have been minus no stroke. similar- ages , beliefs, val

Checking In

A short bio since I've been off of StrokeNet for almost eight years.    I live in Indiana which is in the middle of the US.  My husband, Dan, stroked in 2009 and passed away in 2013 as a result of surgery.  I truly can't believe that he's been gone so long, I still think of him and miss him every day.  People say that you eventually get over the death of a loved one, I don't believe that to be true.  I don't think you ever "get over" it rather you are able to accept it for what it is. 


MaryJo in General


In Australia a lot of service type people call older ladies "Darls" short for darling, an inoffensive term of endearment and often a substitute for other words such as "sweetie" (sweetheart) or "pet" which were often used a couple of decades ago. This morning a trolley boy took my trolley back to the trolley bay after asking if he could "take it Darls" and last week another young man offered to help unload my groceries. All this shows I am an older woman now, a fact given away by the grey hair a

I feel blessed that I married such a secure & confident guy who is always enabler

like I said before recently reconnected with old friend who used to proclaim that he loved me, but was so insecure that minute I got into Engineering  due to my good grades & he did not, he stopped the teasing & chase, I guess he realized I was in different league now. So I very nicely finished my undergraduate degree in Engineering & after I finished my degree parents found guy who was more educated than me   & was here in USA pursuing his graduate degree, hubby met my brother &


I don't do this often and forgot where this stuff is to be added sometimes. Grrrr.... PB& Jelly daggers  For our 4 hour car ride to my daughter’s,  my wife (who does all the driving)  makes PB&J sandwiches so we don’t have to stop and eat. Even bigger than that we are not big fans of restaurant food anymore anyway.  April is the throw nothing away queen so the past several sandwiches I got were made with a jelly my daughter gave us because she didn’t like it. I don’t blame her


Willis in Daggers

Why speech therapist are so important, and not just for talking

So I work for the an organization that supports individuals with both mental and physical disabilities and mostly are adults, at least I where I have been. With anyone, aging may cause other health issues like dementia, Alzheimer's.  I worked with a man, who was on a chopped diet, ( food cut no more the 1 inch and eliminating foods that could cause choking) and I would explain to him that I also had issues with swallowing too. Well, I got moved to another program in since December, he had to go



how doing simple things increases your self confidence & make you feel good

I am avid reader & love reading self help & inspiring books. those books make me realize accidentally or out of self preservation I have been doing right things  which normal people will think its common sense thing, but for me those were fought hard & bumped into brick wall & then learnt lessons kind of a deal which helped me immensely in rebuilding my new normal again. like I had said earlier  recently after reconnecting with my childhood friend I started paying attention to my

Rain and sunshine 🔆

I am person who is sometimes short on perception. This in my lifetime has caused some interesting discussion, like the time I prayed for rain and a furious man confronted me outside the church and said: "How dare you pray for rain when I start to harvest my crop on Monday?" So I am a little hesitant to give any kind of opinion or advice unless I know all the facts. So whoever's prayed for rain on the New South Wales coast will they p!ease stop! Elsewhere if you are still in drought go ahead no h

I Just Need To Let It Out (Caution: This is not a positive feel good blog but a pouring of junk...not sure how to explain that. Feel free to read but for those who want to pass I want to be real so you know)

I'm sitting here in my living room listening to the birds chirping as the sun rises (its 5:30am). This blog is me getting stuff off my chest. I have to release this "stuff" sometimes... I'm not looking for answers, reactions or sympathy BTW I just hold a lot of stuff in. Also, I don't have a lot of people I can let it all out to (for lack of the ability to get it out or maybe lack of motivation and I get on my own nerves so I can only imagine that I do the same for others and I don't want that).


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Our beautiful staffy x kelpie, Lucy, has gone to heaven.  She was 13 1/2. Last week she was playing with the puppy and cried out in pain. We took her to the vet, who felt Lucy had broken her leg.  Lucy was sedated for X-ray and bone cancer was discovered.  Because they didn't want her to wake up to the pain of a broken leg, we had to say goodbye to her while she was sedated. The kids don't remember not having Lucy. She was a sweet girl, who was always there for

Spring awakening

Well spring is on the way, buildings going up near us. A neighbor has just finished a large out building to store his farm implements in. Also the vacant lot next to us is having a house built on it this year, construction to start soon. I hope they are prepared for the cost of building materials these days. Wow, have they gone up. Anyway life seems to be reawakening and so are Lesley and I. We both have been vaccinated now and are ready to start doing something, but hard to find a good place to


Kind of a chilly week here,  not as bad a s Texas though!  It has kept me in a bit , but i did manage to get out to the green house aa couple of times. I managed to finish the wiring of the right side of that starts shelving i showed in the blog last week. It required a lot of up and down movement and some time down on my knees reaching under the lowest shelf. Normally that kind of motion would have triggered some major dizziness and it didn't 🙂 However it did tire me quickly. my movement is qui


Continuing my e-entry into a more normal life, i have spent every day bar Sunday in the green house transplanting tomatoes into small individual plots. The effort has now filed 16 trays each of 18 pots.  That's 288 plants in all. My stamina is still a little low and a couple of hours work in the green house has me wobbly and heading for my sofa! Still I seem to recover faster and after a little rest I'm ready to go again.   My other project which is not demanding on my muscl


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science of well being

I have signed up for this free course on coursera for science of well being, taught by Yale professor & it is required class for Yale students.  It is great course, I wish it will be required course for all kids & human beings to learn how our brain works. I feel after my stroke when I was very unhappy with my life, slowly & steadily with trial & errors I found great books, support group  & found my happy place again, & while doing this course & my life experiences, I

A little scare

I had my annual PET scan last Friday, then on Tuesday I got a phone call from my new Melanoma specialist, could I go and get another more specific CT as there seemed to be an "anomaly" on my liver! Well panic stations for me as I contemplated what would happen if this was related to my original melanoma. So I hurried into our nearest town and had the extra CT. As usual the staff there were very kind, used to assisting people who are expecting bad news. But they are not allowed to tell you anythi


swilkinson in General


Well this weeks 'big event' was our 20th anniversary. Usually we would go somewhere a bit special , like last year we took a road trip to Roswell and Carlsbad caverns but this year we had to make the best of it at home in isolation. As many here know we are vegan but we still managed to indulge in a couple of meals that were out of the usual. Deb made me a British breakfast with  faux meat sausages. This was a repeat of my birthday breakfast. For dinner we indulged in  cheese burger w


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survived surgery

I survived the surgery - I had a bit more trouble than anticipated with the anesthesia- have had  nausea even 2 weeks out. And some pain and aches as well . But it is what it is... and Dan has been nothing less then great. Family has helped as much as Ive asked and needed. I have caught up on a lot of TV all if it crap - but lol - it caters to a population. to each their own as the saying goes.... I went back to work last week on Monday ( 1 week after surgery ) just half days . By noon I was tir

New Days

This week was about changing focus onto stuff I can now do again or do new. I still caught myself indulging in my rehab mode, where i judge the quality of movement but less so than a year ago. So I have been creating a second , and bigger warm place to start seeds. Below your working on it. Just to the right out of view is my existing 'plant house' in which we already have stated tomatoes. These are due for transplanting to bigger pots this week.   In addition to


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Happy feet , happy heart

So after talking to my doctor about my Raynaud's and when he looked at my feet, after being in my thermal socks in a faux fur boots, my toes were already blue. So we're kinda thinking it's more stress related. Starting around July, I start wearing sock and slippers inside and warmer socks when temperatures change. We both were perplexed about my toes because , for most people and before it got worse, the pain only came when the blood returns, whether with clothing or in  warm water, and that is


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