How does the US economy affect you?

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I'm curious, how does the current state of the US economy affect the various aspects of your recovery. So far it has not affected me in my medication or therapies but it has affected me in my out look of the future. So I ask you the following questions:


Does it affect your therapies?


Does it affect your medication?


Does it affect your metal attitude?

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It hasn't affected my rehab or medications yet. But it's dragged our economy down with it because we're so intertwined with your's in trade. It's forced alot of us not to shop (even online) in the US. We used to go to Grand Forks three or four times a year and we'd spend three or four days shopping.
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Interesting question, Chuck.


The current economic state has really changed my life and lifestyle. I was laid-off August 1st from a marketing position at a large health care system here in the Twin Cities (thus, why I've been on this site more often--I've got nothing else to do but surf the net! ha ha). I have had very little luck even getting interviews with the number of jobs lost here and competition for available jobs. Two years ago, I'd have my pick of marketing jobs. Now. . .nada, zilch, nothing. I've looked for PT jobs, but unemployment pays better, if you can believe that. Lots of penny pinching and eating leftovers. At least I was home when gas was over $4/gallon. Thankfully, my husband's job is relatively safe (fingers crossed) and I'm on his insurance plan (which is costly, but after having a stroke, very necessary).


It is depressing as hell, and the media's black-cloud forecast only compounds my funk. And, it's not easy to turn off the TV, radio, internet and turn a blind eye to everything when it's constantly in your face AND you're living it. In the 20 years since I've graduated college, I've never had such trouble finding a job. I considered going back to school to learn something new, but again, that costs $ which we don't have.


My coumadin generic (warfarin) seems to have gone up in price at the local CVS. Does anyone know if this qualifies under the WalMart's $4 prescriptions?


UGH. Hope things turn around soon!


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very very good topic chuck 4 me its my meds as well as what insc will all cover the1 thing i hate doing most is appealing the decision of the insc co and with the rise in host stays and benefits they all provide i find that going from 1 drug store 2 another the cost of meds very and now that the doctors are getting stingy on handing out samples now only 2 find out there the big drug companies want 2 hault that practice of doctors giving samples of meds out so we are btw a rock and a hard place with the med industry as far as im concerned and its like they know the impt meads that someof us need good posting keep it up see u rather talk 2 u some time soon in a :chat:





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The present economy is a little gloomy for me right now. I work in the auto industry and I am feeling the pressure of the downturn in sales and future forecasts. Fortunately we have never had a layoff in the history of the company. And they will do everything posible to avoid one. We currently are working 3 days a week and the Monday's and Friday's are no pay no penality or you can show up and work. At least that is the three month plan. I work in maintenance and do not have the Monday/Friday option. Though it will drastically cut into my overtime and spending habits. I have been employed their for 25 years. Oh... and my 401K took a big hit. So hopefully the plavix and asprin routine will work for a long time. :)



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my job has not felt any major impact; but like others my 401.k was hammered.


Wesley H.

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Killer part I have to close out 401k w/ the lose penltys I got beat up.

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Hi Folks....


I visited my (ex) place of work...week between New Year's and Christmas.....

Heck...when yer there 18 yrs, yer family...


Do to the fact a huge supply contract with the power co., stuff isn't too bad by them....


I'd have a job (the boss whines at me) if I could do it for him....


Last Nov., when the the market was at 13-14000 I got nervous....said this stuff can't be...

I put everything in the 401K into stable fund....we didn't have a fixed income...


Then I had the stroke in Dec....


Upshot is...haven't made much.....ROI is .3% fer last year....<G>....., but I talked to some folks got guy lost 1/3rd of his whole thing....

He was the accounting honcho, and we had an interesting discussion about risk taking.....

He wanted to know how I called it, and I couldn't explain....It was a feeling...


So...I guess I've been relatively unscathed....


I figure to start using it this June.....59-1/2.....

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Gary ,


Your timing was your accounting friend I lost about 38% last year.I am too young to get out. Please let me know next time you 'get that feeling" again!



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Hi again Wesley...


I've never been a timer....only did that once before a few years back, for about 6 months, same reason, then I went back in...Missed a dipper then, too.....


If I get the heebie-jeebies about stuff again, I'll holler.....


Course right now, there's doesn't seem much place to go, even though stuff is less than assuring...


I'm figuring stuff will cycle up again, just not in my time frame (June).....


In August of 06, my Ma passed and I had to sell her house......Executor....what a PITA that is with big family...

I took first offer on that too.....

I got I went with it....


Boy, did I get yelled at by the sibs....


Sibs don't comment too much these days....<G>.....

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I dunno... I was poor even before all this mess.


I live with my dad, and while he doesn't expect rent, I do give him $100 a month anyway. I live in the basement, and have the furnace cranked up because I'm always cold! So I figure it's only fair to help out a little bit, with mooching some of the utilities from him.

Gasoline doesn't really affect me, since I really never go anywhere.


The only thing I really worry about, is the Social Security system. That's what I live off of. I'd rather not, but I can't keep a job very long, because my health issues always get in the way and I either have to quit or get fired.

Medicaid takes care of my medicine. I pay $12 now, compared to the $40 when I had to do it myself. My only income is SSI & Disability checks, a whole $694 now (after the new year's cost of living increase). At the end of the month, after all my bills are paid (old medical bills mostly, car insurance, phone bill, groceries (because the whole FOURTEEN $ from food stamps doesn't help much), etc.), I have about $20 left at the end of the month for fun/spending money.


But that's okay, it's not like I need designer clothes and gourmet meals. Well, not at full price! LOL I got some Calvin Klein and Old Navy jeans at a thrift store for $3 each! And ever so often I do buy lamb chops or a lobster tail for a treat, when they're on sale.



Oh, and the Wal-Mart where I live has Warfarin on the $4 plan. All but one of my medicines (which is $25 for a month supply), were on there. But for the last few months, I kept getting a hassle with Wal-Mart. Always something different. Last time they tried to tell me I needed Dr. authorization for a medicine I've been taking 10 years! So I switched to the local grocery store, and they take my Medicaid card and I just pay the $3 co-pay for everything. Monthly, it's $12 total now, instead of $40.

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