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My Name is Gary and I am located in Montague, Prince Edward Island. Stroked August 10, 2002.


The Stroke Network has been a lifeline for me over the years since my stroke. Although I am not here as often any more I see that as a good thing.


I find that I have progressed on to do more in the community through the local Heart and Stroke Foundation and other community groups. Local stroke survivors have been contacting me and I am trying to encourage and assist them with their recoveries.


Although I may not be around Strokenet as much any more. I am never very far away so feel free to contact me any time.


Smiles :)



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I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba --- The Geographical Centre of Canada

65 miles from the border of North Dakota and Canada

About 550 miles NNW of Minneapolis Mn., 1300 miles west of Toronto, or 1400 miles east of Vancouver.

We're called Friendly Manitoba ;)

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Hello from Gatineau, Quebec, canada. We are just across the river from Canada's capital, Ottawa, Ontario.



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Greetings from Sarnia ON :D


For those who don't know Sarnia... 1 hour west of London, 3 hours west of Toronto, 1 hour east of Detroit. I can see the Bluewater Bridges and Michigan from the end of my street.

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Canucks Eh?


My hubby Jack (Brain Stem Stroke-Locked-In-Syndrome August 4/07) and I are scheduled to leave Alberta next week and Air Ambulance back to our home province of British Columbia after one year and three months of "slow stream rehabilitation" at a facility here. Jack has been accepted at a new facility north of Kelowna, B.C. for "transitional rehab" and we then hope to complete our journey to "home" from there.


I've haven't written in on Stroke Net for a while....time is a precious commodity. I will fill you in on Jack's progress once we get settled again. I still haven't been home.....almost two years now.


It's always comforting for me to check in on Stroke Net forum and know that we aren't on this road alone. When days are bad, it's true, there is always someone who is worse off than you......try to find a reason to celebrate each day.







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i am from richmond canadajust acrossthe bridge from vancouver canada

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im gerry lee from ontario, close to toronto, stroked in 1998, i get along well now

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