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Hello Everyone,


I am new to the board.  My husband had a stroke on 3/31/21 when he was on a solo trip 200 miles away from where we live.  He was brought to an area hospital on 4/1, then moved to another hospital that's about 150 miles from where we live that was more equipped to help stroke survivors.  He is now in an acute inpatient rehab.  His stroke was an MCA on the right side of his brain and it affected a substantial area.  He has little to no movement on his left side right now.  His speech has been affected, but continues to improve every day. He has some short-term memory issues and some issues with vision. For example, yesterday he said that the bottom of the bed looked like it needed to be straightened out because it was at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the bed.  He is a very active person and his mood has been very up and down, admittedly mostly down which makes sense to me considering everything that has happened. His personality is very much intact which I am grateful for.  


I'm thankful that this board exists and I have a question that I'll post in a different section.



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Hi Susan, so many parallels in this world. When I had my stroke I was on the other side of the world from home (Scotland from Australia) and I too have lost a very large section of my right side brain. I completely lost my whole left side at the time. thankfully minimal impacts to speech and memory and over time I have re learnt those things and am now working full time and living independently again.  His active lifestyle pre stroke should help with recovery and regaining function, especially if he can tap into his inner stubborn. A lot of this seems to be linked to determination to keep going and to get back what has been damaged. Doesn't mean you will get there, but does mean you'll get closer, I still have no functional use of my left hand and arm but I'm almost running again. However remember every stroke is different as every person is different and every recovery has it's own pace and end result.


All the best with the journey ahead and remember it is a journey, and a marathon not a sprint. take time to celebrate the small wins as they occur and remember to look for the flowers by the road as you head for the finish line.  This is a big upheaval for both of you, and it will take a lot of adjustment both mental and physical but it can be done!


Hang in there and come here for help and advice any time you feel the need.

Welcome to the club


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