Stroke survivor coming home

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I am new to the board.  My husband had a stroke on 3/31/21 when he was on a solo trip 200 miles away from where we live.  He was brought to an area hospital on 4/1, then moved to another hospital that's about 150 miles from where we live that was more equipped to help stroke survivors.  He is now in an acute inpatient rehab.  His stroke was an MCA on the right side of his brain and it affected a substantial area.  He has little to no movement on his left side right now.  His speech has been affected, but continues to improve every day. He has some short-term memory issues and some issues with vision. For example, yesterday he said that the bottom of the bed looked like it needed to be straightened out because it was at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the bed.  He is a very active person and his mood has been very up and down, admittedly mostly down which makes sense to me considering everything that has happened. His personality is very much intact which I am grateful for.  I asked him if he's able to read and he said yes but that it takes a lot of concentration and is tiring. 


He will potentially be discharged on 5/11. My husband won't be able to be alone when he first gets discharged.  I am working full-time and we need my income and insurance so I need to keep my job. My husband owns his own business in the healthcare field.  He has a wonderful clinical director who is keeping things afloat, but I'm also helping her when it comes to paying the bills. He has two college-aged children who seem open to helping him out during the day while I work. My question is regarding whether I should be looking to see if he qualifies for a subacute rehab or if it is better for him to come home and for me to get rehab providers to come into the house instead. There are a lot of moving parts and I want to do what's best for him.  I plan to ask the case manager as well, but I think that it would be really helpful to hear from other caregivers regarding what worked best for all of you.  Thank you in advance for anything that you can share.

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Hi Susan rehab in the home works well if you are able to do your exercises unassisted between visits, stroke recovery is about balancing repeat repeat repeat against the inevitable fatigue (brain fatigue is different to body fatigue as he is learning with respect to reading) I didn't have anyone at home to help so I actually did 3 months of inpatient rehab before coming home to RITH providers. inpatient rehab of course has it's own frustrations and limitations, particularly home sickness and being at the mercy of overworked nurses. Also be aware that stroke can also affect your immune system response and a heap of other background autonomic functions so at the moment he may be better trying to stay out of residential care, depending on the Covid situation where you live.


It's a tricky choice,

all the best



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Especially if you have 2 kids in college you need to get his SD-Social Security Disability app. going because it is a long, intensive application, and they can take up to 90 days to process it. I heard that they wee allowing you to do an application  by phone; They probably still are in these COVID day

s .Another reason Disability takes so long is because they commonly deny your 1st application, and you have to re-apply, and wait another 9 0 days. If they do this to you, hire a Social Security atty. They will file the 2nd app for you. I vote for more rehab if insurance will pay. You can never have  too much rehab. SERIOUSLY, MOST PEOPLE DON'T GET ENOUGH! PLEASE feel free to post any questions or concerns you may have This new world you've entered can be a confusing one. Best, Becky

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hi Susan :


welcome to  best online stroke support group. stroke affects the whole family  & puts everyone out of their comfort zone  & tests your limit. As a long time young survivor I would tell you things which helped me in my recovery.

1. try to get as much therapy possible for him, insurance company will try to cut you off as fast as they can to save their costs, but more therapy he can get to become as independent as he can, it will help your family.

2.  get help from friends & family, you are not super human caregiver burn out is real. lot of relationship fails  or gets stronger when it goes through tough times,

3. real emotional recovery happens when survivor comes home & starts living in the normal world & start rebuilding their new normal.  give him chores to do that makes person feel contributor in family dynamics & builds their self confidence in them selves.

4. Also encourage him to join our support group here & asks him join us in our chatroom here every day afternoon 3-4 EST  & 8-9 EST on M, W in support room 2 & in coffeeshop on Friday from  8-9 EST. 

I stroked at age 34 which was in right side of my MCA which left me paralyzed on my left side & retired me from the job I loved at age 34. I never thought I would ind joy in living  again. but today after 16 plus years on this post stroke journey  my life is till good just little different not good or bad its just different. our only child was just 7 at the time & today he s becoming doctor & making his mom proud.

hope to see you guys in our chatroom soon




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