I just wanna read my damn book!

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Being one handed these days, I read on my phone.

I found an awesome app where for $13.99 a month, I can read as many books as I like.

Some months are slow, one or two books. One month I read 16 books!

Obviously an avid reader, I love it.

Been having technical issues the past few days and I'm so frustrated!

Not like I can pick up a book and read until it's fixed!

First world problem I know, but yet another thing not understood by the real world.


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A few months ago I bought a pad specially to read E-books. I download the books for free using 'Libby'. This has been a great boon because I dont have to carry heavy books home from the library, It has similar problems to selecting a book from the shelf inasmuch as you are not sure you will like the book but at least if you dont like you can instantly dump the thing and select another.

What it has done is increase the range of books I normally read and that is not a bad thing.


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It's amazing how reading a book has changed!

I have mine sorted now, not satisfactorily, but at least I can find out what happens next!

I love British police novels!


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I still buy mine from the church Op Shop. It costs me a dollar which I call rent as I return them so they can be sold again. I have also joined the library, as I still drive figure I only have to carry them into the house. I haven't borrowed any yet but will soon. Usually I stockpile them for winter but didn't this year as I got busy with other things. My day is housework, shopping, reading, crocheting and gardening if the weather is reasonable. So I keep busy.

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