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Today I Use 2 Patches.



Today I wear 2 patches to increase fentanyl dose. It took 2 months to make this happen. I hope this helps.


My night nurse told me that she sees Lyrica used more than Gabbapentin. She thinks there is a difference,that it works better for some patients.


I have to wait for a preauth,but it is on the formulary according to my insurance rep who explained my doctor's insistence that it is not covered as The possibility she has an outdated list. I am glad I called to check.Now peace of mind,however doc still must fill out a form justifying the use. I just do not understand why she insisted my insurance does not cover it when it is on the list of approved drugs.


The other thing I wonder about is why she says I have run out of pain killer options when there are more. And as far as addictions...ah hello,this pain never stops they tell me and is hard to manage,so why hesitate.


I feel pushed to do invasive stuff. I feel that I need to comply.


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Pam, doing your own research helped you this time.  Sounds like your doctor has some outdated ideas. Hope the new pain regime helps.

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