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    Living on angel time.

    By swilkinson

    I went to see the neurosurgeon on Tuesday. I was interviewed by a young Asian associate doctor and sent for a 3D MRI and angiogram, a brand new way of showing  the blood supply within the brain. The results were given to me by the associate and then I saw the specialist. It appears the aneurysm is larger and deeper than previously thought but at my age they are not going to operate as it would mean a full brain surgery. Coiling, one method of dealing with an aneurysm, is not an option. I think I

Family adventure

I have just come back from visiting my daughter and her husband and daughter in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. To get there it is taking two trains to Sydney and then out to the airport then a four hour flight from one side of Australia to the other, from Sydney to Perth, over 2000 kms. Then after an hours wait taking an hours flight to Kalgoorlie, 335 kms inland from Perth. Kalgoorlie is a mining town and Kalgoorlie - Boulder is the city made by combining two small towns both built on a gold di

realized something important & dont want to loose this growth of thoughts

I just realized something very big & want to write down so that I never forget this lesson in my life. I have been married for 30 plus years & I still feel sometimes hubby & I we both are two very different personality, he is introvert& me extrovert, he talks less & I talk a lot, he does not like to watch TV or movies & I enjoy them, I always feel more happy if we do things together versus he can spend time alone & still be happy. So after 30 years I have started doin

Understanding good health conclusion

This will be the conclusion of my thoughts on how to achieve the best health we can. The previous entry was to give you the context of how and why I got into the subject in the first place, thus all the personal stuff. This entry will hopefully provide some ideas and at least questions you may wish to ask your doctors in the future.   As I see it there are some roadblocks we all face on the road to good health. First is that doctors are not trained much and do not practice much prevent

Understanding good health

I don’t blog often anymore, but the topic I plan for this and the next blog is so important I plan another entry in a short time. I have been talking mostly about our travels, and as I write this Lesley is in Rome and will be home in a few days.   But now to start what I think is a very important topic we do not deal with well. That topic is our nutritional health. For the past two years I have been studying whatever I could find on eating healthy and what benefits, if any, could be ga

great AHA moment for me

some of you who know me well through my blogs or by interacting with me in person will know I like to read nonfiction spiritual books,self help books. my hubby is my sounding board for lot of these discussion about life in general. after reading all these holy books  from different religions, I finally understood some important things about life. I strongly feel choices we make in life creates our destiny & those choices we make are based on two things, one is genetic & second is how our

lot has happened in life time to catch up

lot has been going on in my life, some good, some not so good, but we still making progress & moving forward. will start with not so good news, recently my 81 year old mom after her back surgery suffered stroke which left her paralyzed on her left side, though luckily being in rehab she got TPA & other treatment right away so her stroke was not as bad as mine, but due to her age & her existing precondition of her body her recovery was not as swift as mine which made her hugely depres

It has been awhile

Glad to see the board back online. So much has happened, where to start. Well lets see, Lesley went to Costa Rica Last July for two weeks and loved it. She also met her granddaughter Paris, in Paris France for a week. In Feb last year. We also did another river cruise on the Rhône river in France, then a week in Barcelona Spain with a overnight trip to Andorra, and then a flight to Munich Germany where we rented a car and toured the alps of Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. Then back to

Where does my time go?

Just about to go into autumn here. I will be glad to see the end of summer, I haven't enjoyed summer this year, far too hot and humid and with the heavy waist to toe elastic stockings it's been soooo hard to combat the heat. I am glad the cooler weather is on its way but will miss daylight saving. I've enjoyed sitting on the verandah watching the light fade away in the evening in the last few weeks and the sudden silence when traffic dies down and the local commuters are all home at last. Peacef


swilkinson in General

Reaching Out to My First Love... It's been over 30 years since we connected

I'm publishing this today... seems I forgot to back in 2021! Hopefully, it is a full thought lol. It was over a year and a half ago!   About a month ago, I decided to find a way to reach my 1st real boyfriend. He truly is my very 1st love and has never been far from my heart no matter what stage of life I was or am in. I spent $.99 cents to look up information about his brother's. I couldn't find anything about Richard (my 1st love) but I lucked out and found a number that I hoped woul


HostTracy in Blog

Happy Valentine's Day... I have missed so many here.

It is nice to see the blogs back up! I have been quiet and to myself for quite a while now. I sure miss everyone so much. It has been much needed R&R for me and I just texted Dottie tonight that I am going to try and visit chat soon. Wow, it has been so very long since I have written a blog. I'm sure a lot has happened for everyone. For me, I'm just trying to truly take care of myself and to find positive ways to reduce my stress. Since May 23rd last year, I have been on a very exciting jour

Keep going, you'll get there in the end.

When I wrote this the blogs were not working. I am surprised the title posted although the content did not. I stand by this saying though. It is keeping on keeping on that gets us to our destination. That has always applied to my life.   A lot has happened since I last blogged, some good and some bad. I did have a great Christmas,  I saw all six of my grandchildren in December, the sad news was that I only saw Naomi at her other grandmother's funeral. That was on the 15th December. My


swilkinson in General

testing if blogs are working

good to see blogs are back, though when they were out started writing blogs on my personal computer since I always found blogging was very therapeutic for my soul.  recently we are going through big health crisis for our mom who duffered stroke too after back surgery, doctors are saying it was due to covid , though by grace of God she is out of that angry phase & working hard on her recovery, so we are hanging tight for each other & her.

mindful meditation

I have heard great deal about mindful meditation, but just like everybody I never had time to do it, but recently I have forced myself every weekend to do just 10 mins of guided mindful meditation &  then do my floor exercises.  & I have stuck to that habit for this year so far.  recently have been reading book on self compassion & then recently came across this great lecture on youtube on infinite peace a meditator's guide to mind and consciousnes. It was so good  learnt few techniq

Sunny at last

Well I posted in February that it was raining and that  continued most of March, it was the rainiest period in many decades. It did stop for a few days and then back came the torrential downpours and the floods. Some towns further north really suffered. It has eased back now but the run off  is still happening and the older, deeper drains are still running. Most people can't remember having the minor flooding as we have just experienced. Is it global warming or just the changes as resculpturing


swilkinson in General

Another good technique learnt today in my life's journey today though it will be harder to follow it

I am spiritual being having this human experience. & I like to read, watch & learn from this thinkers who have spread their knowledge through religious books or spiritual books. I love reading, watching & listening & learning from this books. Today heard good line from our hindu bhagvad geeta book where God tells his disciple who was struggling with tough questions in his life. God tells him  that start looking at every event in your life without labeling it as good or bad &

Rain at last but too much of it!

It's raining here, it has been for days. There is minor flooding in the creeks locally and there has been one drowning death. A man who drove through flood waters against advice and his car washed into a creek. So sad. I have had to redig drains because of increased flow and patch a dirt wall at the top side of the house washed away by one of the downpours. My Ray set up some " temporary" drains 30 years ago and now I'll have to do something to repair the damage. Of course that is reasonable wea


swilkinson in General

surgery went good

Dan had his surgery - it was lazer surgery to minimize his prostate. He feels much better - years of having issue and at least that pain is much better he says. Im still in Awe over how the doctors passed him and his issues  off as not important. Seems like everything gets blamed on the stroke. Like a person is not a Whole person just their stroke. Finally found a doctor who was willing and able to help for that I give thanks. Ive had some friends of late who have lost their husbands - 2 I met h


nancyl in Bathing ponderings

Happy New year

Happy New year every one. I am not into making new years resolutions though I like making  one word resolution for a new year, but I have never done any, I am always go with flow person & incorporate  any good  thing I like in my day, recently I have started doing guided 10 minutes  meditation on weekend along with my floor exercises, now I have added doing rosary two times a day  in the morning & night, it re-centers me & makes me happy starting day on a positive note.  I am realizi


HostAsha in my personal thoughts

Good Times

Carrah went to a friend's yesterday, so Wayne, Connor, Riley (the dog) and I bought tea and went down to the foreshore to eat it. The sun was setting, the breeze was beautiful and it was lovely spending time with Connor, one on one.   It's the simple things.   💚👑


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