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It has been awhile

Glad to see the board back online. So much has happened, where to start. Well lets see, Lesley went to Costa Rica Last July for two weeks and loved it. She also met her granddaughter Paris, in Paris France for a week. In Feb last year. We also did another river cruise on the Rhône river in France, then a week in Barcelona Spain with a overnight trip to Andorra, and then a flight to Munich Germany where we rented a car and toured the alps of Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. Then back to

Moving on with life

As I write this Lesley is traveling around Iceland in a rental car. She is on a two week adventure there alone and having a ball. She has fallen in love with the people and the unique countryside. I did not go because somebody had to take care of our 14 yr old dog Tippy. Just before Lesley left we unexpectedly had to put Tippy down. So I am actually alone now and we may go back to Iceland together at some point, she really wants me to see it. Being alone has given me a chance to catch up on many


GeorgeLesley in General

Spring awakening

Well spring is on the way, buildings going up near us. A neighbor has just finished a large out building to store his farm implements in. Also the vacant lot next to us is having a house built on it this year, construction to start soon. I hope they are prepared for the cost of building materials these days. Wow, have they gone up. Anyway life seems to be reawakening and so are Lesley and I. We both have been vaccinated now and are ready to start doing something, but hard to find a good place to


GeorgeLesley in General