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Moving on with life




As I write this Lesley is traveling around Iceland in a rental car. She is on a two week adventure there alone and having a ball. She has fallen in love with the people and the unique countryside. I did not go because somebody had to take care of our 14 yr old dog Tippy. Just before Lesley left we unexpectedly had to put Tippy down. So I am actually alone now and we may go back to Iceland together at some point, she really wants me to see it. Being alone has given me a chance to catch up on many “honeydo’s”. 


Lesley is still hoping she can return to New Zealand sometime later this year, but that remains to be seen. Now that they have an open “bubble” with parts of Australia there is hope. 


We are also beginning to travel in our motorhome again. We spent a week in Amana. Iowa at a May festival and met several really great people. The festival was fun and the trip up and back was good. We did come back to Tennessee a somewhat longer way through Missouri and avoided driving on Interstates most of the way.


next month we are making a short trip to Maggie Valley in North Carolina and in August we are going to Minnesota for a wedding. Then Lesley is off to Hawaii in October maybe alone, maybe not.


as far as I am doing, all good at the moment. Health is good other than a few aches and pains. Working on the annual stuff that needs to be done on the motorhome, washing and waxing, lubricating lots of things, oil change, etc. just stuff to keep me busy. I did hire out the cleaning of the roof, as Lesley does not allow me on it anymore.


Lesley just called rom a fjord on the East coast of Iceland. She is overlooking the ocean and now going for a walk around the small town. She had another hot spring bath today enroute to tonites stop. she could not be enjoying it more.


anyway, time to go now.


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Lesley is very adventurous going to Iceland alone. I am glad she is enjoying the experience. And that you are finding plenty to keep you busy. That honey do list must be short by now, mine has a few urgent jobs on it so I will need to look for a tradesman or two.  Enjoy your time alone. I'll look forward to your account of those trips you have planned.


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