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Hurrying towards the holidays.



Here it is, November already. November slips away fast every year. No sooner started than hello December and December is holidays, school holidays, workers holidays and this year Christmas. But that is still a long way off and there is much to do between now and then. Simple things like Christmas card lists and complicated things like what do I send to family members so far away?


Because I still belong to the Stroke group WAGS I still support caregivers and widows who were formerly caregivers. This has been a privilege to me, to use my past knowledge to help other women to make the transition. And believe me we all need some help. So I still go to a few of the meetings, morning teas etc. And try to keep up with them in various ways so that is another part of how I spend my time.


This is of benefit to me too as some of these women helped me through my caring years. Of course we are all getting older too and so some of our problems are age related. Some of my good friends have died including a couple that Ray was close to. So funerals are also a feature of my life. And there are some now in care that various members of the group keep in touch with and relay that information via various media groups, which does help us keep up with them. 


A lot of my time is still taken up with church groups , including a low key community lunch on Fridays. It is just  toasted sandwiches in winter and now salad rolls for summer and coffee but a small number of local people are regulars and now included in my friends group. People ask me if I am ever lonely and the answer is "yes", but if tomorrow is Friday I have that to look forward to. And if it Saturday it is church tomorrow etc.


When I look in the mirror I see a little old lady, but she is off and away to some place where people gather, where friendships are to be made, where folk need a quiet word or reassurance or simply am opportunity to talk. That is where my life is right now. As you know my three children and grandchildren are all far away. And I can't do anything about that. But as long as I am busy I am happy.


So roll on the holidays. I don't know what the future holds but I know there will be people to share it with and that is good enough for now .

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I guess we all are similar if we are busy &  have interaction with people that makes us happy. I have found if I am learning something new then I am happy, so reading painting all helps me.



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