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Understanding good health



I don’t blog often anymore, but the topic I plan for this and the next blog is so important I plan another entry in a short time. I have been talking mostly about our travels, and as I write this Lesley is in Rome and will be home in a few days.


But now to start what I think is a very important topic we do not deal with well. That topic is our nutritional health. For the past two years I have been studying whatever I could find on eating healthy and what benefits, if any, could be gained from eating well. First some background. Every cell in our body changes in seven years. I have learned that most individual cells die out and are replaced in just a few months, some in a day or so. Thus, what we eat and the lifestyle choices we make can gradually change the makeup of our body. This put me on the path to see if I could find solutions to some nagging questions I have had for many years about various health issues Lesley and I have. To that end I have recently completed a comprehensive course on nutrition and read several detailed scientific books on the subject so that I would be more informed on the subject and able to then draw my own science based conclusions.


Four issues came to mind. 1st, Lesley’s beautiful hair began to fall out shortly after she received the third covid shot. I do not want this to become political, I just wanted to see if it could be stopped or if the shot had anything to do with it or not. After her hairdresser asked he if she was undergoing chemotherapy, and also reported that several of her other clients had the same problem, she went to our local doctor who confirmed that hair loss was a possible side effect of the shot. So, the issue then became can anything be done about it. I wish to make it clear that I am not giving medical advice, and what I found out about hair loss is not scientific proof the shot caused it. I will only say that we found some protocols that seem to have at least stopped it. Check one off the list.


The 2nd issue is that Lesley’s gallbladder was removed along with her appendix at age 26. At the time, the medical thinking was that the gallbladder served no useful purpose so it was removed as a matter of routine. I wondered what if any long term medical issues might be caused by this. It turns out the gallbladder actually stores bile, which is created by the liver, so that it can be released as needed to digest fat in the food we eat. So the best diet for her is a low fat diet which explains why she has had a history of digestion problems in her life. It also explains some of the reasons the 3rd issue weight loss has been so difficult for her. Now that we know that, her weight loss program is seeing success. So issues 2 and 3 can be ticked off the list.


The 4th issue is that eight years ago I was diagnosed with Lymphocytic Colitis. Which is something you really do not want to know a lot about. In some ways, it was more life altering in a bad way than my stroke was. Fortunately I found a diet that while unconventional and some would say strange, worked for me and completely controlled the disease and gave me my life back. The plan does however, have so inconsistencies in it that do not make scientific or common sense, but it does work. Being the curious type, I wanted answers to those inconsistencies, and maybe a way to resume eating a normal healthy diet again with lots of variety in it, not as narrow and strict as what I have been doing. I also had a concern that eating such a restricted list of foods might not give me all the nutrients I should have. Based on my research and my doctors advice, I am presently carefully transitioning back to a normal healthy diet with lots of variety. Weight loss is not a concern for me as my weight is normal. So far, so good. So I think I can tick number 4 off the list as a work still in progress, but nearly there. I should also say that soon we both will have very comprehensive blood tests so see if we have any nutrient shortages because of our diets and medical issues.


So what else have learned that might be of interest to all of you readers? A lot, and I do mean a lot, but that will be for the next blog in a few days, this entry has gone on long enough. I promise the next blog will contain information of use to everyone. I only used our personal examples to explain why I have gotten so interested in the subject.


Now time for tea

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George I have intolerance to lactose, palm oil, which can be in anything marked vegetable oil, and seafood. I had my gallbladder out 33 years ago and have been on  restricted diet since then. Dairy free or lactose free foods have boomed recently and that has been wonderful for me. I do maintain a good healthy diet and try to keep it a nutritional one too. Sometimes I just envy others when I am eating out for being able to eat luscious desserts etc but I know I need to keep to what I can eat without pain or discomfort.

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