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  • swilkinson

    Living on angel time.

    By swilkinson

    I went to see the neurosurgeon on Tuesday. I was interviewed by a young Asian associate doctor and sent for a 3D MRI and angiogram, a brand new way of showing  the blood supply within the brain. The results were given to me by the associate and then I saw the specialist. It appears the aneurysm is larger and deeper than previously thought but at my age they are not going to operate as it would mean a full brain surgery. Coiling, one method of dealing with an aneurysm, is not an option. I think I

Sunny at last

Well I posted in February that it was raining and that  continued most of March, it was the rainiest period in many decades. It did stop for a few days and then back came the torrential downpours and the floods. Some towns further north really suffered. It has eased back now but the run off  is still happening and the older, deeper drains are still running. Most people can't remember having the minor flooding as we have just experienced. Is it global warming or just the changes as resculpturing


swilkinson in General

Another good technique learnt today in my life's journey today though it will be harder to follow it

I am spiritual being having this human experience. & I like to read, watch & learn from this thinkers who have spread their knowledge through religious books or spiritual books. I love reading, watching & listening & learning from this books. Today heard good line from our hindu bhagvad geeta book where God tells his disciple who was struggling with tough questions in his life. God tells him  that start looking at every event in your life without labeling it as good or bad &

Rain at last but too much of it!

It's raining here, it has been for days. There is minor flooding in the creeks locally and there has been one drowning death. A man who drove through flood waters against advice and his car washed into a creek. So sad. I have had to redig drains because of increased flow and patch a dirt wall at the top side of the house washed away by one of the downpours. My Ray set up some " temporary" drains 30 years ago and now I'll have to do something to repair the damage. Of course that is reasonable wea


swilkinson in General

surgery went good

Dan had his surgery - it was lazer surgery to minimize his prostate. He feels much better - years of having issue and at least that pain is much better he says. Im still in Awe over how the doctors passed him and his issues  off as not important. Seems like everything gets blamed on the stroke. Like a person is not a Whole person just their stroke. Finally found a doctor who was willing and able to help for that I give thanks. Ive had some friends of late who have lost their husbands - 2 I met h


nancyl in Bathing ponderings

Happy New year

Happy New year every one. I am not into making new years resolutions though I like making  one word resolution for a new year, but I have never done any, I am always go with flow person & incorporate  any good  thing I like in my day, recently I have started doing guided 10 minutes  meditation on weekend along with my floor exercises, now I have added doing rosary two times a day  in the morning & night, it re-centers me & makes me happy starting day on a positive note.  I am realizi


HostAsha in my personal thoughts

Good Times

Carrah went to a friend's yesterday, so Wayne, Connor, Riley (the dog) and I bought tea and went down to the foreshore to eat it. The sun was setting, the breeze was beautiful and it was lovely spending time with Connor, one on one.   It's the simple things.   💚👑


GreenQueen in Life is good

Fragile Times

Our son in New Zealand several years ago cut a CD with his band he was part of then and they called it “Fragile Times”. I think that makes a great title for this blog entry yes the times are uncertain to say the least. I try as longtime readers will recall to be upbeat and positive, but am finding it harder all the time. So much is out of our control that we used to never even think about because it just happened like it was supposed to. I fear those days are over and we all must get used to and


GeorgeLesley in General


My word for this year is SHINE. I am not sure for the moment exactly what that means but I am determined not to let the new form of Covid take the colour out of my world. The numbers of cases is high, the government in its wisdom no longer publishes statistics or areas affected so we live in ignorance BUT I will not be afraid. Fear is why my three grandchildren in Adelaide have not come up to stay with their mother this summer holiday. Fear is why there were no Carol services and we are back to


swilkinson in General

10 years and the stroke keeps giving - lol

I reported in a earlier blog that Dan had a gastro bug--- nope it ended up being a UTI--he lingered around with that for 2 months before it was figured out. Then the shake out, the urologist here in town says Dan needs to either wear a catheter forever or I learn to cath him. Of not its kinda funny in its own sick way, the urologist has no holistic approach for us. He basically really thought Dan could cath himself.  No other options- no surgical procedure etc. UMMMM - his entire right arm is st

We are back home from our wonderful trip to India

We are back home now & getting acclaimed to US again. we visited India for 4 weeks this time. Hubby's eldest brother passed away in his sleep in August of this year, so hubby wanted to visit India when this covid gives us some break, so as soon we got our booster shot, we decided to visit India our family  & village-home our brother in law bought & renovated for us. the visit was awesome, hubby loves his village & I love it too, in village people are not in any rush & things


HostAsha in my personal thoughts

Three weeks to Christmas

Since we've been out of lockdown the time has gone so fast! There is so much more to do than housework, crocheting and gardening. There is more social activities in my Iife and more charity and pastoral care work. I did get away to Armidale for a week which was nice but in that week weeds sprang up, spiders got busy spinning webs and there seemed to be so many extra small tasks to do when I came back. So the weeks fly by.     I have been writing Christmas cards and starting to collect


swilkinson in General


Long haul - thats what our stroke journey has been, a long haul. Its been a decade of ups and downs - mostly downs. And we are down again. Dan has a UTI and pneumonia he was in the hospital , darn near shut his kidneys down due to the UTI and his bladder being overful . Neuralogic bladder , from the stroke. Im supposed to cath him 2 times a day... But he cries when I do - . He had his antibiotic via IV while in the hospital, but won't let the home health people give him the remaining shots now t


nancyl in Time Marches on

Memory Lane is a bad place to visit

So one of my beautiful friends that I met at tap dancing, invited me to her daughter's dancing concert.   I decided to go, but was a little nervous about one dance in particular. My reaction to the dance was worrying me.   It was all the girls (6 of them, plus others I didn't know) I grew up dancing with.   They did this amazing tap dance to Pat Benetar's All Fired Up.   I had a few tears. In a different universe, I would have been up there, strutting my s


GreenQueen in Dancing

Time Is Flying

I'm not sura about you but my year is flying by! I w onder if it will continue to feel this way because it has been different for a while. Since I had my stroke time has seemed slower than usual up until this past year. It's possible my clock is catching up 🙂 . It will be New Year's before I know it. This year I have been trying hard to improve on all my improvements or at least the ones that have always normalized me. The simple things: chores, schedules, regulating my energy output better to s


HostTracy in Blog

going with flow

I from time to time look back on my life's journey & realizing one of the best quality of myself  which is going with flow & have lot of fun in all situations. I do get upset when something does not go according to plan, like my stroke or breakup with girlfriends in college, I have realized after struggling for few days or months based on the crisis I am in, for example stroke crisis took me 9 months to get out of that despair mode & find my even keel to be able to go with the flow.


HostAsha in my personal thoughts

Roll on November

As of the first of November I am allowed to travel . It has been a long time coming. I have been fully vaccinated since the end of June but the State government has been slow to release us from the Greater Sydney area.. But that is set to change on November 1st. We will still be masked and social distanced but we can move around again. Now that is something to be happy about.   During lockdown and the past three weeks my life has been very routine. Gardening has been a life saver, some


swilkinson in General

Strokenet was down for awhile- I guess

WOW its been since April since Ive posted, tried to log in and it said error. Anyhow Happy its back - I was worried. This site has lots of valuable information - lots of stories .  Dans not doing well - he's got some gastro intestinal bug, been to the ER couple days ago, followed up with his doc, he seemed to feel better for a bit and now he is suffering again. Seems like its always something- But thats no different than anyone else. I just wanted to check in. Oh the friend who's husband had a s

man's search of a meaning by victor Frankel

right after my stroke I struggled with depression & I depended heavily on spiritual books & biography of inspirational people, they gave me strength to go on, when I could not find any in my own, that time I read victor frankl's mans search of a meaning & it resonated fully with me, I needed purpose bigger than myself to  give good fight to stroke & that I found in my 7 year old son. some of the quotes of victor frankl which resonated with me I am noting it here so that I can als


HostAsha in my personal thoughts

Keeping busy in lockdown

I am still in lockdown, just as we were due to come out of lockdown our numbers in our local government area (LGA) began to rise. Only about 25 a day but with all the other late winter ailments that send people to hospital ours can't cope if numbers get too high. So the stay-at-home order continued. I am disappointed that once again I will miss out on a visit from any of my grandchildren for their school holidays. I so look forward to Trevor and Alice coming but once again that is impossible.


swilkinson in General


Western Australia is in what must be an enviable position, no lockdowns in regional areas except right at the beginning, March last year.   The city has had two, maybe three short lockdowns overall.   Anyway, Wayne and I decided to travel 8 hours away, to Yallingup in the state's beautiful south west.   We drove to Perth and spent a night there. Caught up with some friends.    Yallingup the next day.  The whole area is full of wineries. Neither Wayne or I


GreenQueen in Not quite 50!

New everything!

Hello friends! Things have change in my life almost ( but not quite ) as fast as they did when I stroked. New house new state and kinda new life too. Right after November we were hit with the desire to change our location and move closer to my daughter's family and my 2 Grandsons 7 and 10 years old. Boom talk about good timing. We made the 100 plus year old farm house pretty much maintenance free as planned but 2 and a half acres was becoming a bit much. for a 66 year old women in spite of her e


Willis in New Everything

Trying to keep positive

It seems a long time since I last posted a blog. I have been in what feels like imposed solitude since June 26th along with 5 million or so other people. We are in a huge area known as Greater Sydney, we haven't had many cases but because so many people commute from the Central Coast to businesses in Sydney and the surrounding areas whenever parts of Sydney go into lockdown we do too. It annoys the locals as we don't get the benefit of living in Sydney just the side effects. We will not come out


swilkinson in General

Celebration of Life

Finally got back to Colorado the first week in July to have Gary's Celebration of Life gathering.   Thanks to COVID-19 we had to delay that for well over a year as he passed away at home on Feb. 10, 2020.   It was a long drive, but I had help with the driving from a friend who took a few days off from her waitressing job to help me out.   We dropped the dogs off south of Tucson at my youngest sister's house, then headed up through NM and into Colorado from there.   My younger sister from MD flew


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