• A  blog is a personal journal of your daily life as a stroke survivor or stroke caregiver.  Surprisingly, countless members have called it therapeautic to write down their thoughts and to vent their frustrations.  You can make it private, just for your eyes or public and share your personal thoughts with your friends.  Why not try it, create your blog and start writing and see if it helps you.  


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  • swilkinson

    Living on angel time.

    By swilkinson

    I went to see the neurosurgeon on Tuesday. I was interviewed by a young Asian associate doctor and sent for a 3D MRI and angiogram, a brand new way of showing  the blood supply within the brain. The results were given to me by the associate and then I saw the specialist. It appears the aneurysm is larger and deeper than previously thought but at my age they are not going to operate as it would mean a full brain surgery. Coiling, one method of dealing with an aneurysm, is not an option. I think I

Entry 2 - Keep trying Jules

Only got up once last night, spent some time on computer, finally went back to bed about 3am. Don't feel too tired today, seems most mornings I have to make a big effort to get started.   The South East Asia dissaster is making me feel so down, I know I'm not alone with these feelings. Sometimes I guess that you are powerless to do anything except make a small donation. Our local R.S.L. (Returned Solders League) are requesting donations of clothes, shoes and the like - can help there also.



First Entry

Just a draft attempt to check I have set this up correctly. I'll come back to it when I have caught up on some sleep. Have had a few bad nights, 2.30am now, I must close down this computer and get some sleep, very hot day forcasted for today. I think I have the general idea of this journal programme now, will try again later today.