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10 years and the stroke keeps giving - lol



I reported in a earlier blog that Dan had a gastro bug--- nope it ended up being a UTI--he lingered around with that for 2 months before it was figured out. Then the shake out, the urologist here in town says Dan needs to either wear a catheter forever or I learn to cath him. Of not its kinda funny in its own sick way, the urologist has no holistic approach for us. He basically really thought Dan could cath himself.  No other options- no surgical procedure etc. UMMMM - his entire right arm is stroke effected ( paralyzed) it is spastic and is just pulled into his chest. and his cognition is very effected. So when the urologist honestly thinks catching himself is a option, I know he is not looking at the patient as a whole- but just treating symptoms. Anyhow, I managed to cath Dan for 3 days and then - NOPE - no more. Dan wasn't having that. And you can't cath a guy trying to kick you. 

So I got him scheduled for a second opinion. And yup found out Urologist here in town is a lazy idiot. The  urologist in Fargo took his time and actually showed us the same MRI that was done here in town and read by the urologist here in town. The  Fargo urologist showed us Dans right kidney is basically non functioning and most likely has perforated in the past. His prostate is severely enlarged impeding Dans ability to fully empty his bladder ( causing the UTI'S ). His bladder is very thin from being stretched out so much. He retains approx 400 ml of urine, normally they do not want retention of more than 200 mg. His left kidney ( the only functioning kidney ) has 3 suspicious cysts that will need to be monitored. And yes they can surgically ( lazer) his prostate so that is not so large. So how the  urologist here in town figures Dan should just live with a catheter as being his only option is a reminder lesson to me -- GET a SECOND OPINION! and always seek out a holistic doctor ,the urologist here in town took no time to learn or care about Dans needs and behaviors and options. Thank goodness for the second opinion. Dan will have lazer surgery Jan 24-- he might get lucky enough to have a really quality of life improvement . He currently sits on the toilet for about 4-6 hours a day trying to void. If he can pee - what a improvement that will be !!--- NancyL


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oh wow Nancy :


I am so glad you took second opinion & that doctor turned out to be better educated & treating patients like human beings, I so pray that laser surgery helps Dan which will improve quality of life for both of you.



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Oh Nancy...so glad about the second opinion.  The first guy needs his licence revoked!


All the best for the surgery later this month 



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So glad to hear something can actually be done, but so often we need to force doctors to see what they are actually asking us to do.


A few years back now I badly cut one of the fingers of my usable hand and thank goodness my sister was with me at the ER and was able to make the Doctor understand that " keep the hand/finger dry for 2 - 3 weeks" was not going to be practical.  


best wishes and hugs for a good result from the surgery.

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