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mindful meditation



I have heard great deal about mindful meditation, but just like everybody I never had time to do it, but recently I have forced myself every weekend to do just 10 mins of guided mindful meditation &  then do my floor exercises.  & I have stuck to that habit for this year so far.  recently have been reading book on self compassion & then recently came across this great lecture on youtube on infinite peace a meditator's guide to mind and consciousnes. It was so good  learnt few techniques from it & planning to incorporate in my meditation from next weekend only.  you can check out this lecture right here. I loved it so thought of sharing it



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You are very disciplined if you manage to meditate on your own every weekend. I have a weekly private yoga session where an instructor comes to me and we work on various stretches, proprioception and muscle control exercises. we usually finish with a 10 - 15 minute guided meditation which is great but I'm not good at repeating the meditation session on my own later in the week, even though I understand the benefit.

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Heather some people find soft music in the background helps. I like to be in a quiet place and sometimes Sunday afternoon when there is less traffic is a good time.


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