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Time Is Flying




I'm not sura about you but my year is flying by! I w onder if it will continue to feel this way because it has been different for a while. Since I had my stroke time has seemed slower than usual up until this past year. It's possible my clock is catching up 🙂 . It will be New Year's before I know it. This year I have been trying hard to improve on all my improvements or at least the ones that have always normalized me. The simple things: chores, schedules, regulating my energy output better to serve my available energy, relaxing/meditating, planning small things, recognizing my anxiety triggers, pushing myself to continue down some paths that will help me physically in the long run, establish some if any kind of routie (very difficult for me), etc. I suppose I am tweaking things a bit. Hopefully, improving the outcomes. 


I am proud to say that my A1C is going in the right direction (3 month sugar ave./diabetes), my cholesterol is completely ideal, all other blood tests are all looking great. I've been really trying hard to not cheat when it comes to eating for diabetes and this is helping a lot! My A1C went down fron 8.2 to 6.4 which is super!!! Along with that is a 20 lb loss which is wonderful. I have been working on getting things around me in good order (so not perfect!). I am grateful for the opportunity and energy to do so. I began a new adventure this week and I am going to have to learn how much I can do within my energy range. I started to do internet grocery shops for people via Instacart. 


It's been over 6 years since I have "earned" any money and 2 days ago I earned $30.10!!!! Seems like nothing but to me this is huge! I've already learned a few things: I did too much Wednesday (3 shops and still very new to me/learning which is exhausting), it felt really good completing a shop, and I can do this even if limited. So change of plans: for now until I feel confident and able to try to add shops just allow one per day. That way I am learning, building confidence, building stamina and reducing any triggering pressure. I feel good about it!


A lot has happened the past 4 months  and I have been a bit beside myself. Sometimes life just needs to teach you some lessons in how to handle certain life changes. Learn to be grateful in what you have, learn to accept positives that come towards you anf to let go, surrender, give it to God, and trust God has you. I never knew how much of a control issue I have had through the years... a bunch! I have felt the need to control anything and everything having to do with my emotions. I'm learning more today that I have very little ultimate control anf releasing my energy used to "be in control" is absolutely freeing and healing. Seems all the things in life I tried to control were never good for me in the long run. My new mantra "Let It Go! Give It to God!".


I pray that all of you have been well and I am so happy to be able to post again. I have missed it! Thank you so much Missy! Here's to a happy, healthy two months of holidays!




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Tracy your positivity is shining through!!


You go, girl!!


So happy for you re your sugars. That's a huge difference!


And a huge high five for weight loss!


When we are happy with ourselves other things do come a little easier.



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Tracy, good to hear about the lighter, healthier you. Happy to hear you have a new part time job, earning money does give you a boost. Take it slowly and you'll get there without stressing out. And I too am glad to have the blog community of Strokenet back in action again.




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Tracy :


so happy to hear all your small wins all in right direction. I have also learnt  when I do things in my control & then surrender to God, things work out in my favor & even if they don't  right away, I know in the long run that's in my best interest. thats biggest teaching of hindu religious book, do your karma without any expectation or attachment towards the results, Giving results is in God's hands, he knows what is good or bad for us, So just take everything that comes in your life as a God's gift or we call it prasad without labeling it.  keep on doing right thing & everything will work out.



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