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I am enjoying this new version of me



As I am getting old & going through my own life experiences which makes me go AHA & integrating some of the techniques in my life makes me also feel so happy. after reconnecting with my childhood friend after 30 years  & finding out she recently became widow, made me realize that having different interests in life & doing certain things alone is also healthy & good & much better in big scheme of things. Following on that enlightenment I decided to start my first paint by numbers art project to try my hand in my free time, something I can still do &  ofcourse started watching some of the movies my other friends recommended alone & enjoying them. & started reading some of classic fiction books  all of this makes me so happy. It brings smile to my face that as long as we are alive we can learn something new & find joy in living every day. I  feel so blessed that I got chance to enjoy the world with deeper meaning after my stroke


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I am glad to see you are finding new things to do. It is not easy to reinvent yourself when the roles of wife and mother change to empty nesters. There are many new interests to take up and of course endless opportunities for volunteering. Including on here. Noone seems to be welcoming new members now.


As a widow and with my children and grandchildren so far away I have to fill my life with other things so reading, gardening, shopping, handcrafts dominate but morning teas and lunches with friends are also important. The church takes quite a bit of my time, Lions Club too. In fact sometimes I am a little too busy. Without all of this I would be a sad and lonely person I think.

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Sue :

lately with my mom's stroke I have been busy helping brother & mom where ever I can, then don't have any extra time to volunteer anywhere else other than how much I volunteer here



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Asha, I understand. I increased my volunteering after Ray and Mum died. It is good to take care of family first. But take care of yourself too. Thank you for what you do here.

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