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realized something important & dont want to loose this growth of thoughts



I just realized something very big & want to write down so that I never forget this lesson in my life. I have been married for 30 plus years & I still feel sometimes hubby & I we both are two very different personality, he is introvert& me extrovert, he talks less & I talk a lot, he does not like to watch TV or movies & I enjoy them, I always feel more happy if we do things together versus he can spend time alone & still be happy. So after 30 years I have started doing things alone which I enjoy so watching movie alone is ok too, I used to feel like & told him once I feel like widow watching movie alone  then realized I have been acting like drama queen here there s nothing wrong if he does not want to watch movie together & I watch alone that does not make me widow. being widow will be lot more scarrier if he is not by my side to give me sound advice for our financial stuff & for our son. I can hug him every night while sleeping, just because he shared different interest than mine does not make me widow, so that is really so immature of me to even think like that



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No amount of aloneness is long if your someone special comes home to you. A certain amount of aloneness is good for you. I'm glad you have come to that realisation now. Ray in part of his working life was away three days at a time, I didn't like that at first but realised that meant that the children and I could eat different food at different times, make a lot more noise and do other activities without him being there and that was okay. Having some time of quietness and your own choice of movies is also good. Congratulations on your perceptiveness.

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Asha, you have found a deep truth in life. When Lesley travels I get my alone and guy time. You are different people with different emotional needs. Enjoy!

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