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Yelled at For Calling Pharmacy



I needed yeast infection meds sisters. I had days of IV antibiotics and capsules. I told the nurse first thing in the morning. Then nurse said waiting on pharmacy. For hours and hours. So after dinner I was wtflowersbloominmad.

I called the pharmacy to ask what was going on..like insurance problem...the delivery driver...what?

The pharm informed me they did not have Any rx for it!! So I informed the nurses and they faxed it again they said. The next morning I still did not have any meds. But the nurse brought in some that had been discontinued. I went to the assistant head nurse with my latest med list. She looked up the list and said she would need to look up and verify my meds with my doctors.

Then she showed her real concern and asked if I had called the pharmacy. I said yes and explained why. She said she "asked me not to call the pharmacy." I said, why? I have a right to call when the nurses do not have time to follow up. Her voice raised and she said do you mean to tell me that my nurses are too busy for their patients? Her voice was Loud harsh. I told her I just came in to update my med list. I promised to always check in with the nurse first,like I always do.


I finally got medication.


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You are such a rebel I love it

When the nurse razor voice since it to you you made to tell me my nurses are too busy you should have said I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they're too busy it is out of there just lazy.

Of course that's easy for me to say I'm not in your situation you can only poke the bear so much still praying for you hang in there I do believe you have the right to contact your pharmacy or your physician if you choose to if they continue to believe you I would contact the state licensing again I don't care how frustrated the assistant head nurse was she needs to keep her cool and he / voice under control.


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good for you pam!  maybe you might remind her of the rights our constitution gives us, like the first amendment which suggests that we can call anyone we choose like santa or your pharmacy!



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I would rather chat with santa than be on hold!!


Thanks you guys for validating that I am not the unreasonable one.


Here there is no place for the rugged individualist. I am criticised for ordering alternative meals.

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