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Radio Leg

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I was scheduled to get a procedure using radio frequency thing in my spine this week but I am on antiobiotics so I am not allowed to do it now and need to get doc clearance in order to reschedule.

I will asap.

I love my new roomie and room. She is real companioship. I enjoy watching cats outside and sun and wind in trees.


I love the more competent nurses over here. Bossy nurse no longer exists.


Everyone comments I look relaxed. I color in design book while watching clouds.

It is fun watchingh the faces of some people looking at me in this super luxury room with my good friend.

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Pam :


I am so glad you are enjoying your good times right now. It is so hard to believe that bad times will ever end when we are in midst of it. update us as soon as you get procedure on your leg done.



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Please that you are at last at peace.    Let us know  how the test goes on your leg.


Happy  New Year


Take care Yvonne

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