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Right Down The Line

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Patrick and I share a love of music, it is the soul of our lives. Melodies and lyrics can bring me to tears or lift me up. Tonight while on the road this Gerry Rafferty song came on the radio. It's an oldie but one that I find truly beautiful. While it was playing, Patrick sang some of the words "to me". It was very touching.


(I highly recommend giving him a listen if you don't know/remember his songs. Baker Street was another one of his biggest hits- it gets me all emotional too.)


Right Down the Line Gerry Rafferty



You know I need your love, you got that hold over me

As long as I got your love, you know that I

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I've never heard of this Gerry and never heard this song but it has words that I can see are very relevant to you and Patrick.


When we were talking on chat this afternoon my time I thought for some silly reason of some words from "Pretty Woman". When asked what she would do after her knight on the white charger rescued her she said: "Why rescue him right back of course".. And I think that might just be what happened to Patrick and you. He rescued you and now you are rescuing him right back.



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I love a real life love story..... Patrick is lucky to have you.


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Wow, I haven't thought of Gerry Rafferty in a long time. I am a lover of all kinds of music, but have taken to the love of quiet lately. Thanks for the memories, I needed that.

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I don't know if he rescued me first and then I rescued him now would be the best discription. I think you are very close though- it's more like we have rescued each other everyday since we met. Just being around each other makes everything else seem managable.


Mary and Margret-

I had loved "Baker Street" as a kid, I think I had it on a K-Tel record. When Patrick and I met, he was a big fan and had the CD with those songs on it. I was hooked ever since.





What can I say? He's the best!


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