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Taking a trip!



I have done something kinda crazy and impulsive, and I am so excited about it!


A few weeks ago, I was window shopping on the internet for a cheap get-away to anywhere. After looking at what was being offered, I saw some deals that I thought might actually be possible. I showed Patrick how much it would cost us for a hotel and plane tickets, and we decided to go for it!


The really crazy part is NOT us deciding to go on the spur of the moment. It is actually because of how long we are leaving for.


Our flight leaves around 8am Tuesday, and our return flight arrives home around 11pm Wednesday! For all intents and purposes, we will be gone all of 39 hours!


We are both really excited about it though, it is our first trip to this city, the first "vacation" with just the two of us (at least where we got on a plane), and the first real trip anywhere since Patrick's stroke.


Today we went shopping for supplies; you know- new outfit, new shoes (which I plan to wear all day tomorrow to break in), new sneakers for Patrick (no need to break those in!), some movie-star sunglasses (which patrick picked out for me!), and a mini- purse that will hold my ID and my card/cash and nothing else. How much fun!!!


I am planning on only packing a carry-on bag so we don't waste time checking and retreiving luggage, after all, how much can you need for overnight??? I have also been buying travel size products since the airports regulate the amounts of liquids you can carry on. I should have no problems, I don't need much!!!


We are doing this on my scheduled days off, no special time off needed. I am probably going to go back to work wore out instead of rejuvinated, BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT!


I will tell everyone how it went when we get back! In the meantime, more shopping to do tomorrow!!






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Hollywood! That's my guess if you have movie-star glasses. Unless the sneakers were the clue and it is Venus Beach.


IF it was a warm coat and hiking boots I would have chosen the Rockies. Or a bikini and a lei of flowers and a surfboard... Hawaii. I know I am rambling...lol.


Maybe that icon of someone holding playing cards is the clue...Viva Las Vegas!


Wherever you go I hope you have heaps of fun.


Sue ( at the end of another lovely sunny day).

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Sounds like fun! If its an overnight trip, you just need a toothbrush! How romantic...


Movie Star shades indicate you're going to a warm climate. It also indicates your high level of intelligence. Its friggin' cold where we are. So I shall live vicariously through you. Have Fun. Take Care. LK

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I m betting my horses for las Vegas, even a day in las vegas is so much fun, we have never spent our time in gambling but rather walking on the street, and watching all he shows big hotels do outside, I haven't been to vegas for few years and I hear lot of things have changed ther.


Ican't wait till wed for ur trip report.




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We leave for the airport in 6 hours!!! OMG!!! I have to try to sleep, but I am so excited!!!


Please wish us luck that there are no airline delays tomorrow as we don't have much time as it is. I'll let you all know how it went Thursday!






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